Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another shipment ready to go!

I was trying to get the Summer time project finished before... well, before summer ended. I came close, anyway!

This cute little sailboat will go to Amy and Jen! I actually don't have either of your home addresses, so please send them to momto3under2@gmail.com and I will get them in the mail!

I also finished the Fall project (and it isn't even winter yet! Go me!):

The leaf and acorn patchwork will go to Lisa, Merilee, Cecilee, and Alisa! I only need Merilee's address for this one! Send it on and I will stick the tiny quilt in the mail!


Merilee said...

Yippee! I am so excited. I am in the process of sending yours out as well. I have to wait until school starts, so that I can get it all packaged and put together! I'll email you my address!

Cecilee said...

Yay! Thanks Shanna! I can't believe you are making all these to send out. We will anxiously be watching the mail. ;o)