Monday, August 10, 2009

The Best First Day Ever

It happened today. The much anticipated (by kids and mom alike) first day of school.

I got them to smile by telling them that anyone who didn't smile would have to stay home with me. There was NO WAY they were doing that, so they all cheesed it up!
Abigail was first... her bus came at 7:15.
She was SO excited to ride the bus!
But she did trip a little on that top step!
I don't know if we will have her ride it all the time, but I wanted her to ride the first week when they have extra helpers showing her where to go and what to do. That way, if she ever wants to ride it later on, she will be familiar with the routine.

Then it was Jack and Aidan's turn. They had their backpacks on and were in the car a full 20 minutes before we had to leave.

Here they are outside their school...
And sitting in their chairs. If this was a video, you would be hearing them say "Mommy, we in schoo now- you haf to leabe." No tears of separation for them!
I spent my day cleaning the house, a little bit of shopping, computer time, reading, lots of laundry, and looking for a job. It was a nice chunk of time where I got a lot of things done, had plenty of time to relax, and I was really missing them by 2:30.
When they got home, we sat at the table, eating popsicles and cucumbers, and they told me about their day. For once, Abigail was willing to talk. Jack and Aidan were telling me all about the book "The Kissing Hand", which they read in class. Abigail jumped out of her chair "What?? WE did the Kissing Hand TOO!" We all laughed for several minutes about the coincidence of them all reading and doing art projects about the same book.
Then Abigail relaxed with the TV.

Jack and Aidan chose to cool off in the sprinkler.

Then we made pizza for dinner- one of our all time favorite EASY dinners. Except I had all 3 "helping" me, so it wasn't that easy, then as I was putting it in the oven, I dropped it into the oven, causing major cheese and topping spillage all over the bottom of a 500-degree oven. I scraped up what I could, then made another pizza as quickly as I could (pretty slow, but at least I was stressed out the whole time). While the second pizza was cooking, the toppings from the first caught fire and we had to throw baking soda all over the whole mess.

Hey, just keeping it real!

I guess tomorrow I will be cleaning the oven.

All in all, it was a pretty great day! For them and for me!


Shanna said...

I just noticed that in the picture of Abigail tripping on the bus step, the step she tripped on says "watch your step"! Ha,ha! I guess we should have taught her to read this summer! :)

Melinda and Matt said...

Love it! Glad they had such a good day.....and you too (sorry about the oven though!)

Cecilee said...

Glad the day went so well! Very cute pictures. Sorry about the disaster dinner... I hate cleaning ovens.

erika said...

Sounds like it was a great day! I can't believe they are all in school. Great post!
Sorry about the oven do know how to tell a story though! :)

erika said...

Shanna, i keep meaning to tell you, you need to get on Facebook! (In all of your spare time - oh wait, you do have spare time now) :)

Jen said...

So, what I want to know is did YOU have any tears of separation? ;) What a fun first day of school-minus the oven fire of course, but hey, it's happened to the best of us.

ali said...

Oh, there's nothing worse than spilling something in your oven and then having to still use it afterward!!

Shanna said...

Jen- I did get a little misty eyed after Abigail got on the bus, but it cleared up pretty quickly! :)

Check back next week when the initial euphoria is past! LOL