Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doughnuts, Dinosaurs, and head injuries

I am enjoying my new found role as a Mommy Blogger. The kind that gets invited to marketing opportunities and gets free stuff for me and my kids. Like the Great Wolf Lodge.

This time we got invited to the preview of PBS's new show, The Dinosaur Train. The event was called "Doughnuts and Dinosaurs", and we had a blast!

There was face/arm painting, doughnuts (of course), juice (a hit with Jack), tons of crafts (Abigail's favorite), a mini train ride (Aidan was in heaven), and a preview of the show. Not to mention the gift bag, that was chock full of nice toys for the kids.

My kids aren't obsessed with Dinosaurs, but they enjoyed the show. It was interesting, and fun, and if your kids are obsessed with dinosaurs, they will overdose on this show. So cute. It has a very interesting (to me) adoption element, which I will discuss in another post.

Apparently we aren't the only ones who love a good balloon sword fight.

Riding the train- look! I was there too!
Abigail posing with her dinosaur craft. Isn't she a cute little kitty?

Jack + Juice = heaven. Jack + 6 juices = nausea on the way home. Luckily it stayed at the 'nausea' point, if you know what I mean!

Abigail chowing on a doughnut. With Krispy Kremes around, you don't need any other food!

Meeting "Buddy" the dinosaur! The kids loved that he was "little"! Aidan was trying to smack him with his balloon sword, that is why he has such a devious smile!
Whenever it showed the train on the show, Aidan was on the edge of his seat.

Getting ready for the preview to start.

Showing off the face paint. She was so proud to have paint "all over" her face! All day long she kept checking to make sure there was still paint all over her face!
Jack got a monster truck, much to our (not) surprise...
Aidan got a train... they are nothing if not predictable!

After we left the fun times, we continued our "day of parties" by dropping Abigail at her cousins party. Then we got ready for a picnic with church friends, and then a pool party. Can we say an overdose of fun?

At the pool party, Abigail decided to be brave and started doing flips off the side into the pool- sort of just a summersault off the edge, landing in the water. She was doing awesome, and was so proud of her new trick. Until, of course, she attempted a back flip, and hit her head on the side on the way down. Whoops. I was sitting right by her, and immediately scooped her up, but within seconds it had a huge goose egg. We did several consultations with Dr. Google, and I was able to perform a through neurological assessment, and we also got a phone check with Grandma. Between the 50 of us, we decided that she was ok. We kept her up for a few hours, then I checked on her every couple of hours through the night, and she is just fine today. But those things are always a little scary. I guess we can't do a whole day of fun without something going wrong!


Sophia said...

wowee! you are famous! and on the cutting-edge of children's entertainment!! cool!

and I love that you get free stuff especially when we get free stuff because you get free stuff! We are going to the lodge this weekend and can't wait!!!

Sophia said...

oh....and I didn't know I was signed in under SOphia's account! This is Mary Kate:)

Shanna said...

Have fun!!! My sister is going this weekend too! You should look for each other!

Jennifer Ricker said...

LOVE Dr Google!! and "my random aunt that's a nurse and has 5 kids so she's seen everything and if she says the kid will live then it's going to be ok". glad the kids had fun - i've seen the preview on PBS for that'll be better than "special agent oso!!"