Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally, a positive adoption message

Georgia Public Broadcasting and PBS have a new show coming- Dinosaur Train. It premiers on Labor Day, and I will be sure to have my DVR set to record it.

Not only is it a cute show about both Dinosaurs *and* trains (what little kid wouldn't love that combo?), but it shows a healthy, normal, realistic adoptive family. Okay, maybe "realistic" is a stretch, but it really is awesome. I wrote more about it over at Deep South Moms.

Also, I finally figured out what we are eating the next week or so... I put the list on my food blog.

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Kayleen said...

I'm sure you've seen Miss Spider's Sunny patch but that's a kinda positive adoptionish cartoon. I'll see if Neil likes the Dino train cartoon, Not sure if my girly girls will like it. :)