Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Four Year Old's Sense of Humor

For the past couple of days, Jack has been cracking himself up with his latest joke- "Daddy is a GIRL" hahahahahahahahahahahaha

We sent Kydon an email the other day, and this is what the kids each wrote:

Message from Aidan:

I love daddy. Us in the hame cass (explaining that he and Jack are in the same preschool class). And Jack and me. I gonna play
with daddy when him get home.

From Abigail:

blah blah blobbity blah. Love daddy.

From Jack:

I love daddy girly. He has lipstick (hahaha). And mommy is daddy
(hee hee). And daddy is mommy (much laughing). I love daddy and
daddy is a nice boy!


I love Daddy, and he is a boy- he has boy hair.
And Kydon's response, which made them roll on the floor with laughter:
Aidan - "my boy hair is cool and I love it"

Jack - "I'm not your mommy! I don't wear lipstick, my work friends
would laugh at me!!"

Abigail - "Blobbity, blob-blob, bling, blong, blow, what do you know?"
Love her too.

So, today, Jack decided to play the ultimate joke on Daddy- before Kydon got home, Jack drew a picture of "girl Daddy", complete with long hair and lipstick.

He even gave Daddy a girl name- Kanita (not sure on the spelling). He was cracking himself and Aidan (and me) up all afternoon talking about Daddy's girl picture and girl name.
Here they are holding the picture- pure joy and laughter!


Melinda and Matt said...

love the jokes :) I love it when kids make themselves laugh

colleensewnsew said...

You better hide your lipstick -- not only will Abigail want to borrow it, Kydon will too!

Valeni said...

That is the cutest picture of the boys! Thanks for sharing!