Friday, August 7, 2009

It is just *so* right

Yesterday and today we attended our open house and meet the teacher days for the kiddos.

Abigail was fabulous. She was excited to meet her teacher, and enjoyed looking around her classroom. Even though it has happened many, many times, I am always surprised when I see her in a new situation and she is quiet, timid, and reluctant. It is so different from the take-control, dominating force that she is at home. She likes to sit back, stay out of the limelight, and figure it out before tackling it. Her teacher was great, the classroom looked fun, and she just can't wait to go. She managed to convince me to let her wear her new "school clothes" (Mommy, we are going to school, right? Yes. And we shouldn't wear yucky clothes, right? Right. So, since we are going to school, I should be able to wear my new clothes. Sounds reasonable to me!). She went back and forth and back again about what to wear, and what shoes, and how to fix her hair. It was great.

And then today we went for Jack and Aidan. Their preschool has been a major source of drama for me. There has been so much back and forth, and trying different options, and analyzing every detail of everything. I had decided so many different things, and to be honest, I still wasn't sure that I had made the right choice. In fact, until late this evening, they were registered for 2 different schools.

But when we went to the open house, and talked with the teachers, and saw the room, and listened to the introduction and philosophy and curriculum, I just knew- it was perfect. It is absolutely the best place for them. I think they will thrive! I had been so worried about Aidan's stubbornness, worried that he might get kicked out. In fact, I had a third preschool option in my head of working with him at home (even looked up a bunch of resources) for when he got kicked out. But then his teacher mentioned several times how they don't try to make kids do things they don't want to do, and they never force the kids to participate, and they just let them play and work at their own pace. I knew, deep down, that this teacher, and this school, will give him the absolute best chance to thrive.

And there is a bathroom right in the classroom. With 2 potties in the boys room. Talk about a perfect fit!

Jack was terribly excited. He insisted on wearing his new shoes, and new clothes, and even took his backpack. I told him he didn't need it, but he insisted that he just wanted to show them, and he needs his backpack because he is a school boy now. He loved the toys, loved the teachers, and was jumping up and down with joy!

Aidan was excited, but he took it in stride. He wore his regular clothes, even did the usual fight to wear his holey- and way too short sweat pants (I won and he wore pants with no holes). No backpacks for him, but he was very happy to see all the toys, and he even helped clean up when we asked him to. He is proud to be big enough to go to school!

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The Petersons said...

Sounds familiar (the holey too short sweatpants.) I've tried to get rid of them, but they keep re-appearing. At least you won the fight this time.

I'm so excited for you guys to start school on Monday!! Good luck with everything.