Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's all in what you wear

Abigail's cousin has a birthday coming up. He has been very excited about his party, and has issued an invitation to Abigail. My sister called me today, and told me that there weren't any other girls that would be at the party- that Abigail was more than welcome to come, but she wanted to make sure she knew it would be all boys.

I thought Abigail would be fine, but this afternoon I ran it by her. Her response was very practical.

"Well, I will just wear pants- not a skirt, and I won't wear a nice shirt, just a regular one".

I think she will be just fine!


Jennifer said...

She's got boys figured out.

Melinda and Matt said...

that is perfect--maybe put socks on inside out (or like my boys do--get there and realize you didn't bring any shoes!)

colleensewnsew said...

I like the way that girl thinks!