Sunday, August 16, 2009

Once again disproving gender stereotypes

This Saturday we wanted to have a relaxing day for the kids. Have fun, be together, and just do what they wanna do.

It turns out that the funnest thing you can think to do with a five year old and two four year olds is to throw rocks in the water.

We were attempting to walk along the trail, but quickly got sidetracked into an hour or so of throwing rocks into the water.

They were delighted when it splashed enough to sprinkle water on Mommy.
Of the 3, Abigail was by far the dirtiest. She had to find the BIGGEST rocks. And it took her whole body to pick them up and throw them in.

She had a blast!
Jack and Aidan loved it too.

We could have stayed for several more hours, but I am paranoid about shoes. We live in the South, where things just don't. dry. out. And they smell really mildewed after they get wet. And at the moment, they each only have one pair of decent shoes to wear. And the shoes they have are pretty new.
So I did not want them to get their shoes wet. But I knew (from many previous experiences), that the minute I say "take off your shoes", they will hear "jump on in- the water's fine".

So when my wet-shoe-fearing Mama instinct starting exploding in my head, we had to leave.

And kudos to Kydon for getting such awesome pictures!


Kelly said...

Oh my heck. My kids LOVE throwing rocks into bodies of water. It has always been one of their very favorite things to do. I would even suggest it as the official activity, especially when you are in Wyoming and there is positively nothing else to do. They could do it for hours on end. It must be a universal kid thing for sure.

Villamor family said...

yes...the rock throwing is so fun!

too funny about the shoes...i was more worried about the pants! ha!

great pics too....i am guessing that ISN"T the coolpix?

Valeni said...

Great pictures Kydon, and thanks for sharing. I'm glad you all had another fun day at Stone Mtn. Wish I had been there! Love you....

Shanna said...

I wasn't too worried about the pants, since they were already pretty stained. But believe it or not, when we came home I sprayed them with stain remover, and they came out even better than before!

And the camera is now an Olympus. I hope it will be a good one!!