Friday, August 28, 2009


I volunteered in Jack and Aidan's classroom this week. I spent about two hours with them. We read stories, danced to music, took 18 kids to the bathroom (twice), worked on a project, and had circle time.

Holy cow, can I just say that I am SO grateful to NOT be a preschool teacher?? There was so much going on- twitching and fidgeting, and trying to corral them all! It was insane. Normal, and exactly what I would expect, and their teachers are fabulous, but it was insane.

At least I was able to see that they weren't the worst behaved! That is my fear- that my kid will be the worst in the class! They were much better than the boy who would not keep his shoes on for anything, was constantly rolling around on the floor, grabbing things he shouldn't, and pulling down his pants (underwear up, pants down). He did the same thing last time I was there, so I think it must be a common occurrence!

I got introduced to their friends... they each have a little "girlfriend". Jack and his girlfriend play the princess game where they give each other kisses. Aidan became interested in his girlfriend when she smashed a block into his mouth (accidental, of course), and gave him a fat lip. He has talked about her ever since- I guess that is one way to get someone's attention! He was very excited to introduce me to her and tell me once again how she smashed a block in his mouth.

I didn't get to meet the kid I always hear about who cries every day and throws up a lot. He was out sick.

I did get to meet the new kid. Jack told me all about him: "Mommy, dere a new boy in our class. His name is Hunter. He hunts, I guess". I still laugh about that one!

I want to be involved in their classroom, and I plan to go back frequently, but it will need to be in short doses! Those teachers deserve a raise!!


Valeni said...

Pre-school is a very busy place and I struggled hard to be a teacher there at one time. We loved parent volunteers and I know the kids appreciate it too. I'm glad you are able to go in and see what it's like. I'm glad I had the experience of teaching too, since I learned so much. Four is a very impressionable age so it's good they are learning new things.

eartohear said...

My friend Teresa teaches preschool and absolutely loves it! Its crazy a lot like you said, but she loves the kids and says they are great. I remember playing kissing games in kindergarten and having a boy to sit with on the circle rug and maybe hold hands. That is fun and I guess some things never change! haha
I love your blogs... keep it up!

Lisa L. said...

Yea, I couldn't teach preschool, mostly because of the bathroom thing. I don't deal with body functions. The 3 kids that barfed in my room (on 3 different occasions) was more than enough for me. Does the crying kid have an older sibling? I think he/she was in my class. The excitement in the classroom is a little maddening, but it makes it fun - you never know what will happen!

Jennifer said...

When I taught Massage school I had a student barf during class, so I don't think that improves with age:)

Sounds like that girls knows how to impress the preschool boys!