Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rained Out

Saturday night we continued our quest for all things fun. We decided to go to the Laser Show at Stone Mountain. As much as we love that place, for some reason we hadn't been to the laser show yet this year.
We started out the day by throwing checking out some really cool rocks. They just can't get enough of the rocks.

We ate a picnic dinner. These kids love cantaloupe. I will cut one up, and between the three of them, they can eat every scrap in one sitting. I have never had a cantaloupe last more than one meal. And I can't stand that particular melon, so they are welcome to it.

After we returned from our hike earlier in the day, we forced them all to take naps, so they were actually in really good moods while we were there. Hot, but happy.

Jack loves sports of any kind. He was awesome with this frisbee- he could throw it straight to the person, no problem. Kydon even had someone stop and ask him how old Jack was, and expressed how impressed he was with how well Jack could throw!

Also, when did he get this big?

There are no pictures of Abigail or I- the boys (and the camera) were playing on the lawn near where the train goes by, and Abigail and I were up at the top doing our best to climb up and over every boulder in the place. We had a great time, but there aren't any pictures!

Just as we were about to settle in and wait for the show to start, it started to sprinkle.

No big deal, we thought. We will just wait it out. We were ducked under a doorway, along with 40 other people, and we decided to take the kids to the car and watch a movie. If it stopped raining, we could get out and watch the show. If it got worse, we could head home.

Kydon took Jack and Abigail and headed to the car. Aidan wanted to come with me to gather the remaining chairs and blankets. Just as we grabbed everything and started walking, the monsoon hit. It was like standing under a bucket! We ducked under a small roof for a minute to catch our breath, and Aidan said "how we gonna get to our car?" I explained that we were just going to have to go through the rain, and he very wisely advised "Well, we better just get started"! I agreed, and we headed out. It was raining so hard I couldn't even keep my eyes open! I kept wiping my face just to be able to see where we were going! But Aidan was a trooper- he walked the whole way and never complained once! Although he did tell me that we should bring our swimming suits next time!

We finally made it back, soaked all through, and headed home. The kids were disappointed that we had to leave, but that is how it goes sometimes!

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eartohear said...

FUN! Here last month we were playing water balloon volleyball at FHE and this happened! Its a lot more exciting when you get no rain for months and months then monsoon! I love the comments from the kids... they are so sweet and funny.
Erik will be here this weekend! Yeah! I wish Rachel and the kids were coming too. That would be BEST!