Friday, August 21, 2009

Sacked Out

I checked in on the kids before going to bed, and found them like this:
Rolled over, feet off the bed, dead to the world!
And when I checked on the boys, Aidan made me laugh out loud:
Now that is completely tired! He didn't even stir when I put him back on his bed!

Jack was the only halfway normal one- cuddled up with his special blankey. This school schedule is wearing them out!


Kelly said...

Oh my heck. Raef does that ALL the time. He is always sleeping on the edge of the bed, with some body part or another hanging off. It is hilarious.

ali said...

Sometimes I find Gabe perpendicular to his bed...

Villamor family said...

school does take a lot out of them!
is your house cold? Sophia strips down before getting into bed!