Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sorry, no pictures

I had every intention of taking pictures all this week, and posting them. I took the camera to the pool to get pictures of how awesome they are all swimming.

But, guess what?

THE CAMERA IS BROKEN. I am not even kidding. Ugh. And Grrrr.

It is stuck with the lens sticking out, and won't do anything at all except light up when I turn the power on. The exact same thing that happened, oh, I don't know, just less than A MONTH ago, and we had it repaired, and got it back not very long ago- maybe a couple of weeks.

COOLPIX SUCKS. Just for the record.

And when I was talking to Kydon, and mentioned the possibility that we might think about just ditching the PIECE OF CRAP and getting something else, he responded very passionately "No way- we are STILL under warranty". Yep, just shy of 2 years- it expires in September, and we have had no less than 6- SIX- claims on that warranty. And I really don't have much hope that Kydon will reverse his frugal ways to just buy a decent camera.


I might just wither and die if I don't get pictures of the first day of Kindergarten for Abigail, and the first day of Preschool for Jack and Aidan. And it MUST be on the actual first day. Taking them on the 45th day and pretending it is the first will never do.

I might stage a mutiny. I hate that camera. I don't even want a new one, even if it was free and the cover was green.


Melinda and Matt said...

I have an extra camera you can borrow for the first day of school...really (then you stage the mutiny later).

erika said...

I am totally with you on that one! We have loved our Canon Powershots (you know, for future camera shopping)

Jen said...

I'm with MUST have pictures of the actual first day!!! Beg, borrow, or steal if you have to, but it is NOT an option to not get pictures. Good luck convincing your dh to get a camera that works.

ali said...

you've got to be kidding me!!

That is so odd considering that Nikon is the leader in camera manufacturing...

here's hoping you can ditch the coolpix and get something that'll last for a few months.

BTW, are they sending you replacements or just fixing the same one?

Shanna said...

Ali- 4 times we have had a completely new camera- we just pick up the newest coolpix off the shelf. This last time is the first time they tried to fix it... obviously didn't do a very good job!

Jessica said...

I am so sorry , I hope you can get it fixed or borrow someone else's before school starts on Monday.

Lisa L. said...

You are welcome to borrow ours if you need to! I think Adam and Kydon need to meet somewhere in the middle. Adam wants a new thing if the old one gets scratched. If we could get them together, I think it might work out! :)

Cecilee said...

I have to think you must just have bad luck. We have a Coolpix and have never had a problem. I don't love it, but its never really done anything weird like that. I think I've heard you guys talk about that camera for several years now. I feel your frustration.