Friday, August 28, 2009

What are you eating for dinner?

I am in a major food slump. I need to go grocery shopping in the next few days, so I was planning what we should eat... and I am feeling VERY uninspired!

Please tell me- what are you planning to eat for dinner this week? Or what did you eat last week? Or what would you like to eat? I could use some ideas!



Jen said...

I'm feeling just like you right now...I hope people have some good ideas for you. What we ate this week: Swiss Chicken with rice, Monte Cristo sandwiches with veggies and chips,Homemade Cafe rio salads, BBQ burgers.

Good luck!

Katie said...

A big seller for us in the summer is a "salad bar" I make a few different kinds of simple salads, and we eat that. It keeps our house cool. On Saturday nights we have an eat what you can find/ movie night. We go through our fridge and pull out all the left overs from the week and get rid of those while we veg in front of a good movie. Another huge seller with my kids lately has been penne a la vodka -I have a fun tip that makes it healthier, hold the vodka, and it tastes EXACTLY the same-let me know if you want the recipe. Also we have been doing a really yummy zucchini cassarol that every body loves, and breakfast for dinner is always good. And if all else fails we do octopus hot dogs for the kids and a nice salad for mom and dad. Good luck coming up with something. -Oh, and I'm glad you are enjoying my tunes:)

ali said...

hot dogs.

Sorry--you asked! :)

Kelly said...

I cooked some steak a couple of days ago and I have lots of leftovers, so I am going to make some veg beef soup. THe last time I made it, it was awesome. Lots of beef bouillion cubes.

Cecilee said...

I feel the exact same as you. No motivation or energy to make something, but here's what is on my list:

Meatballs (make a ton and freeze most of them). Then you can do sweet and sour/ spaghetti/ sandwiches. Brian loves them.

Your chicken enchiladas. Love those.

Some good watermelon....

Tomato/basil/fresh mozzarella salad
(Caprese salad)

chicken tenders mixed with catalina dressing, onion soup mix and apricot preserves - cook in the crockpot.

Good luck. Let me know what you come up with.

Christine said...

We've had cold chicken & pasta salad, stir fry & rice, homemade tortillas and salsa. We are planning on having stroganoff, teriyaki chicken (either on a bun or with rice, haven't decided yet), hawaiian haystacks, "breakfast" (eggs, toast and sausage). I have lots more ideas, too, just waiting for the budget to catch up! Hope this helps!!

Cort, Kimi and Metz said...

Navajo Tacos and Cashew Chicken - cashew chicken is super easy to make if you want a recipe let me know!