Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What I've been up to

Entering into my third week of kids in school...

I have been so, so busy! I have even been slightly neglecting to blog, because I have just had so many projects that I had saved up and wanted to get done. Quite a few people have been asking me what I've been doing with my time, so I thought I would try to figure it out myself!

First has been CLEANING. As in, clean something and it actually stays clean. As in, I can no longer say "it is too hard when the kids are home, and I can't get things done!" I came up with a system (my mom instilled the value of the chart very early on), and my house is finally looking half way decent. Every day I have a 'daily maintenance'. I do it first thing (after the kids are gone, of course), before I do anything else. I just go through each room and pick up for 5 min. This ends up just being make the beds, put away a few toys, etc. It generally takes me about 30 min. to do the whole house, because there are usually rooms I can skip.

The second step of my system is my weekly cleaning. Right now I am doing it all on one day, and I have weekly jobs (vacuum main floor, mop, bathrooms, sweep front porch), every other week jobs (vacuum upstairs, change the sheets, clean out the car), and monthly jobs (vacuum furniture, vacuum basement, dust, wipe fingerprints). Every week I do all of the weekly stuff, 1/2 of the every other week stuff, and one of the monthly jobs. Then the next week I just rotate. It has been working really well.

I also have been running errands, grocery shopping, post office, that sort of thing. It is nice to not have to drag the kids around, and they like it better as well!

I've also done some volunteering/reading in the kids classrooms. I love going in and seeing what they are doing, what the classroom is like, who their friends are, etc.

And, finally, I have been going crazy on my little projects. The first week, I completely tore through the basement. I organized, I purged, I took big bags of stuff to goodwill, and swept and cleaned the whole thing. I used to just dread going down there- it was so yucky and messy, and I felt anxiety and stress when I was down there. Now I love to just walk around and enjoy the emptiness! It really has made a huge difference!

See the top of that desk? I think the last time it was that clean is when we moved it! And behind it all the organized and purged 3 ring binders... that wasn't easy!
The toy area is under control and looking good...

And there are big spaces of *nothing*. Where before there were great piles of who-knows-what.

I also finished my platter wall in the dining room:

A cheap, easy fix for a big wall that I didn't know what to do with.

Last week I took a bunch of our garden tomatoes- we finally had enough to make some soup, and my mom helped me bottle a huge batch of vegetable soup! This is so nice to have in the winter, or when you need a quick meal.
This week, I am finally getting around to working on what was supposed to be my first back to school project- painting my kitchen. Yes, the one I just painted a few months ago. And if you have visited my house in the past 3 months or so, and saw all the paint samples painted all over the wall, and had endless discussions with me about which color I should choose, and listened to me agonize over each and every one, I will tell you now that I didn't choose any of them.

I left the breakfast nook the same yellow (I did paint over all the rejected swatches), and I painted the kitchen areas the same green that is in the rest of the main floor (Koala Bear, just in case you wanted the name of the shade). I am actually in love with it. It looks SO much better than the yellow. It makes the (sorta ugly) white cabinets look a lot better, and it has a nice, warm feeling to it. Just gotta finish the second coat tomorrow, put it all back together, and it will be finished!
I think next week I might do some sewing.....


Villamor family said...

whew! send me just one ounce of your motivation. i am just not pushing through the stress of de-junking! but i do love all the bags i tote to goodwill(like that southern word:))

Cecilee said...

Wow Shanna! You have been busy! I bet you feel so good knowing all that you have accomplished.... and the kitchen looks great.

Thanks for my little fall quilt. I got it this past week and it will look great with my fall decor. Thank you so much!

thetallgrl said...

I'm ready to take a nap after reading about everything you do. I am a sorry excuse for a housekeeper compared to you. More power to you! Love your blog.