Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wrapping it up!

Warning: Major picture overload. I thought I would do a final, major disney post.
These stuffed animals were in our condo, and the kids just loved them, and slept with them every night!
Me and my dad getting a little goofy with a photo spot.
Aidan and Abigail in the same spot, looking cute.
My favorite picture of Jack and his Grandpa watching a parade!
Riding the tomorrowland transit authority!
The standard picture of the kids in front of Zurg at the Buzz Lightyear game.
The kids absolutely loved being able to drive in the little cars. Aidan went with Grandpa, Jack with Mommy, and Abigail with Daddy.

I love how you can just barely see the top of Aidan's head.
The man at the ride was so nice to snap a picture of Jack and I together.
Aidan loved riding the train! Abigail thought it was 'boring', but she did like the snacks. Aidan took the very last seat on the train, and the worker let him yell "All Aboard" into the microphone. He loved it!
We all got dizzy on the teacups!
I think this is one of the cutest pictures of Abigail ever!
I told them we were having a "cutest smile contest", and I think Jack won.
Abigail loved Its a Small World, and she started singing along very loudly- it was adorable!
That's the end of pics from Magic Kingdom, but here a few from the other days:
One morning I woke up to find this- 3 cute kids out on the deck, playing so nice and sweet together.
Posing with Pooh at Downtown Disney
Abigai really wanted to meet a princess, but this was as close as we got...
The Lego store was fantastic, cool displays, and lots of fun building going on.
Abigail spent a lot of time dedicated to finding all the green same-size pieces. She worked really hard on it!
Jack got excited about the opportunity to build a racing car:
And Abigail told us her favorite part was the ride up. She loved all the little surprises I had gathered for them. Although there is just something not right about liking the 8 hour drive more than Disney!
See? Totally excited. Or completely crazy. Whatever!

Better than Disney!

Going to the pool was the absolute favorite activity of all the kids. Better than anything else we did, and they never could get enough. We went twice a day, every day we were there, and they were still begging for more!

The favorite thing to do at the pool was getting tossed by Daddy. It might have given Mommy a heart attack or two (it was only 3 feet deep), but the kids just loved it.
Here is Aidan:
Aidan also loved playing 'shark' or 'dolphin', or sometimes just sitting and taking it all in.
Jack would go the craziest- he is the lightest, and therefore able to be thrown the highest!
We got some nice succession shots of Abigail going in. Getting tossed:
Flipping around:

Making a splash:
Our only shot of the whole family together. Actually pretty appropriate that it is in the pool, since that is where we spent most of our time!
Daddy dragged those kids all over the pool- and they loved it!
And it did eventually wear them out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The ride of a lifetime

We have been to the Magic Kingdom of Disney World three times with our little pumpkins. The first time, Kydon had a conference in Orlando, and we tagged along. The kids were 1.5 and 2.5, they all got in free, and we had a great time. Abigail was just barely big enough to ride Splash Mountain, and she *loved* it. Jack and Aidan wanted to go, in all of their 18 month old indignant glory, but there was just no way. But don't worry, we talked about it, over and over and over.

We had so much fun on that first trip, that we planned another. We went again last year, just before the boys turned 3. Abigail was 4. They were dead set on riding Splash Mountain, but again, were too short. Abigail by then had decided she didn't like it, so no one went.

This time, Jack and Aidan finally grew an inch, and were finally, finally tall enough to ride. Sometimes it feels like we have talked about nothing else. For almost 2.5 years, it has been Splash Mountain this and Splash Mountain that.

They were both so thrilled. Aidan kept dragging different people to the measuring stick to show that he was in the clear. My favorite Disney moment was him saying "I can't ba-weave I finawwy big enough to wide it!"

Here they come- Aidan in the front with Daddy, Adam and Lisa in the middle, and Grandpa and Jack behind them.
When I asked them the best part, they both said "all of it"!

Headed for a splash! Jack admitted to being a little nervous on this part, but he still can't wait to go again! I'm just glad they were finally, finally big enough!

Monday, September 28, 2009

What happens in Orlando...

I know the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but I figure what happens in Orlando makes for good blog material!

We went to Orlando with several family members- my parents, Lisa, Adam and Ellie, and Jennifer. The main reason we went is that Jennifer, who lives very, very far away, was coming to Orlando for a conference. We don't see her all that often, and since she was sort-of close, we made the trip. So, we would spend the day playing, and she would do conference stuff, and then we would all meet up in the evening. We were sitting around talking one evening, and Jennifer very innocently says "Oh- I have a story... something kind of weird happened to me last night".

Oh, boy- did it ever! It seems that for the conference, most people were assigned a roommate, unless you wanted to pay extra for a private room. There were all sorts of confusions and juggling and changing around going on. Well, that night, she and her roommate were in their respective beds asleep. Jennifer awoke to the sounds of someone opening their door. She had the thought "oh, another mistake- that person will have to get reassigned to another room when they realize our room is full". She then fell back asleep immediately.

At 4 am, the roommate's cell phone rings. Jennifer gets woken up by someone asking her if it is hers. She says no, then that someone turns to the roommate and hands her the phone. Guess what?? The middle of the night visitor did not go back to the front desk and tell them that room was full. The visitor took off everything but her skivvies and then proceeded to climb into bed with the roommate! And went to sleep for the night!

Can you imagine waking up at 4 am by your phone ringing and turning to see a stranger in their underwear laying in bed next to you and handing you your phone? What was that woman thinking?

The roommate jumped out of bed as quick as she could, and ran to the front desk to get the stranger reassigned to a different room!

Jennifer said when she woke up, the stranger was still there, walking around still in her underwear, and just getting ready for the day! Jennifer wanted to leave, but then she thought of all her stuff in the room, and the fact that she really didn't know her, and so she stayed put!

"What was that woman's name?" "I don't know- you're the one who slept with her!"
"Have you seen Wanda?" "Oh, I've seen Wanda- I've seen plenty of Wanda"!
Was she drunk? Just so tired she didn't care where she slept? Or with who? I still just cannot imagine the chain of events that would cause someone to take off their clothes and get into bed with an asleep stranger!
We were worried about my sister, so we made her a sign to put on the pillow next to her:

And everytime we picked her up from the hotel, I kept picturing every woman there being the one walking around in her underwear in a strangers room!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taking advantage of the free

We are here in sunny Orlando, FL! It is a wonderful break after all the torrential downpours that flooded most of Atlanta this week. After all of our travels this year, to Puerto Rico, Texas, and whatnot, we needed to either stay home or make this a super cheap trip. Of course, we never stay home!! :)

We will be going to the park one day, but we are here for 5, so we are busy thinking of things to do. Yesterday, we spent a ton of time in the pool. The kids just love, love, love being in the pool. They dive, swim, jump, think of new tricks, and just go all around crazy.

After a quick stop at the playground, we ate lunch with my family, then headed over to Downtown Disney. We played with Legos at the lego store for hours, we paid $2 each for a dumb little train ride that Jack declared was "awesome", then took the free boat ride over to the Port Orleans resort. We walked around for a while, played at the playground, and then we were so hot we decided to shell out almost $15 to get us each a drink. We didn't regret it, because inside the food court, they had AC (a welcome relief), free coloring pages and more legos, and the disney channel on with Abigail's favorite show playing.

After we had absorbed enough AC, we headed back on the boat, played with some Mr. Potato Heads in a store, then went home. A nice dinner followed by another swim in the pool. It was "the best day ever", and we spent less than $20! I love that our kids are so easy to please!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanna Be My Friend?

I was getting it from every side. I couldn't resist any longer. The curiosity got to me.

I joined facebook.

Please send me friend requests so I don't have to send them to you. Did you know that you have to put in TWO captchas to send a request? I hate those things!! I NEVER get them right- I have to try over, and over, and over. And with two... well, I might just be friendless.

But... if YOU add ME, then I can just confirm, right? And I won't have to try and decipher those crazy letters, right? I hope that is how it works!

If anyone has some facebook advice for me, please send it on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

When I Want Something, I Want It Right Away

I was browsing around blog land today, and found this super cute shirt in an Etsy shop. I couldn't get it out of my head. SO cute!

It looked to me like the little pillowcase dresses I see little girls wearing all the time, and I knew I had seen several tutorials online for the pillowcase dress. I thought I might be able to make it myself. I hurried through my cleaning, put off the rest of my 'to do' list, and hurried over to my favorite fabric store. Shut up if you are about to say that I shouldn't get clothing ideas from toddlers. I've told myself that about 50 times, but I'm still gonna wear the shirt.

Even the torrential downpours that were flooding bridges all over town were not enough to stop me. When I want something, I want it right NOW!

When Kydon came home, he found the kids tearing apart their rooms, jumping off of any stationary object, no dinner in sight, and me at my sewing machine. Sorry, honey- a girl has to have priorities!

Amazingly enough, I got it finished! I totally love it! If I were to make it again, there are a few things I would tweak, but for my first try with no pattern or instructions, I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

Another One Bites the Dust

Abigail lost her 3rd tooth. And yes, I will probably post each and every one. Lucky you!

She loves to show me a great smile, then just as I take the picture, she pulls a face. It takes several shots to finally get a picture, and it never is as cute as the smile I'm trying to catch!

This time we managed to keep it, put it in the tooth fairy tube, and leave it for the fairy. She loved the idea of the front porch, so the whole 'under the pillow' idea is long gone, and we left the tooth on the porch!

The tooth fairy remembered this time, and had the right cash on hand, so we experienced a small miracle here. :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Book Reading

I have been making a lot of progress on book reading lately!

I started with Dracula, which was one of the ones on the BBC book list that I hadn't read yet. Also, we chose it for our book club book for October, and we are doing "Book Club Date Night", where we invite our spouses to read the book as well, then we have the book club at a restaurant. It was really fun last time, so I passed it on to Kydon when I finished.

Next came "The Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale, followed by "Book of a Thousand Days" by Shannon Hale. I had heard of her from several people, so when I was in the library I just grabbed a few with her name on it. They were really, really good! I didn't think I was that engrossed in them, but with each of them, I started them at night, then stayed up until the wee hours of the morning finishing them. Goose Girl took about 6 hours, and Thousand Days was about 4. I need to be careful when reading any more of hers! At least start earlier in the day...

Today I will start "It's not about the bike", by Lance Armstrong about his battle with cancer. My father in law gave it to me, and it sounds very interesting.

I also picked up a childrens book at a yard sale- "Rotten Ralph" by Jack Gantos. It is SO funny! I love it and the kids do too! I think we have read it 50 times in 2 days, and none of us are tired of it yet! I must look for more of his books.

I also want to finish more of the books from that book list linked above. There are so many good books!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Strangest Toy Yet

Jack and Aidan love to get creative with toys. They are constantly coming up with new things to do with their toys, or new things to play with. Aidan loves any kind of string- he will stretch it and wind it and tie it all over, up and down and around, until he has strung up the whole house and the rest of us can't even move from one room to the other!

Today they came up with a great one. Take a small Hot Wheels car. Put it inside an empty milk jug, and see where it takes you. First they were banging it on the floor- it did make some pretty interesting noises. Then they got the idea to throw it and kick it and watch it bounce around. I love hearing their giggles and belly laughs as they were going crazy, trying their best to destroy the house! I finally kicked them outside, and they had a great time!

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Power Of Suggestion

When I dropped Jack and Aidan off at school this morning, I told their teacher about Jack's little incident, with the hair and all.

She started apologizing profusely- at first I couldn't figure out why she was apologizing, and then she explained.
It seems that the day before, they had read this book- "Baghead". What do you know- it is about a boy who cuts his own hair, then has to wear a bag over his head because he is embarrassed!

Gee- I wonder where Jack got the idea???

I have been laughing and laughing all day! I do NOT recommend this book! haha!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Why Can't He Like What I Like?

I like Jack's hair slightly long-ish. Not covering his ears, or lower than his collar, but long enough to show his adorable, gorgeous curls.

He likes his hair short. Really, really short. Like Grandpa - short. The only 4 year old I know who is jealous of Grandpa's hairline.
This summer, I finally gave in to all of his incessant demands, and gave him a buzz cut. He LOVED it. Me, not so much. To make up for my lack of judgement, I have refused to cut it any more. At the same time, I was attempting a verbal convincing. "Jack, look at your nice short hair." "I love your short hair." "Come here, short- hair boy!" I thought that as long as he perceived his hair being short, it would work, and I would be able to feast my eyes on his amazing curls.

It was finally, finally getting long enough to curl again. SO adorable.

I thought my plan might be starting to crumble, when for the past few days, he has spent an unusual amount of time in the bathroom combing his hair, and trying to slick it down. But I was staying strong- no haircuts.

You see where this is going, don't you?

Today, he took matters into his own hands.

I had to buzz it. I had to. I didn't want to, but I really, really couldn't avoid it.

He loves it, of course. Look at the smile that just can't be suppressed, even though he is in trouble for cutting his own hair. There is a light in his eyes that only comes with short, short hair.

Even if there are still a few nicks!