Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Better than Disney!

Going to the pool was the absolute favorite activity of all the kids. Better than anything else we did, and they never could get enough. We went twice a day, every day we were there, and they were still begging for more!

The favorite thing to do at the pool was getting tossed by Daddy. It might have given Mommy a heart attack or two (it was only 3 feet deep), but the kids just loved it.
Here is Aidan:
Aidan also loved playing 'shark' or 'dolphin', or sometimes just sitting and taking it all in.
Jack would go the craziest- he is the lightest, and therefore able to be thrown the highest!
We got some nice succession shots of Abigail going in. Getting tossed:
Flipping around:

Making a splash:
Our only shot of the whole family together. Actually pretty appropriate that it is in the pool, since that is where we spent most of our time!
Daddy dragged those kids all over the pool- and they loved it!
And it did eventually wear them out!


Jen said...

When we went to Disney in Feb. we got there a lot sooner than we thought so we ended up buying another day at the park...and you know my kids complained like crazy that they didn't get to go swimming in the hotel pool. We can swim at home anytime and they would rather swim at the hotel pool than go to Disneyland?!! It was crazy

Jessica said...

HOW FUN!! I love the pictures. We are Disney fans. . .and are always looking forward to the next time we can go :-)
Looks like you all had such great time!