Friday, September 4, 2009

Fun with Granny

Last weekend we went to visit Kydon's parents. Kydon wanted to run the Midnight Express 10k, and his parents joined in, and also some friends of ours came down.
One of the best things about visiting Granny's is that you never know what you will find. There is always something new- a new toy, game, puzzle, doll... you never know what it will be, but it is guaranteed to get the kids excited. This time, Granny had 2 bikes that we hadn't seen before, and the kids wasted no time trying them out.
I stayed home with all 7 kids (don't worry- some were asleep)! While the other adults went to the race. Everyone did great, and Granny placed FIRST in her age group! Great job!
After church on Sunday, we were treated with a good 'ol fish fry! Breaded Tilapia, home dipped corn dogs, hush puppies, tater tots, coleslaw and fruit filled us up until we just couldn't eat any more... even though we wanted to!

I had to drive on the way home... I guess when you run a 10k at midnight, get up and go to church, then stuff yourself silly it really wears you out!


Cecilee said...

I'm jealous! Wish I could've been there to hang out with you- and eat all that fried food!

I love that picture of Abigail with my mom. That is so sweet!

Valeni said...

We loved having you come visit....hope you'll come again soon!