Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sunday morning, and I am up out of my bed much, much earlier than I would like. A certain little girl came into my room, and I just couldn't resist her sweet little insistent demands that I "get up right now". She is watching TV, and I am looking at email and such.

I am looking at a messy kitchen, trying to ignore piles of clothing, and feeling some aches and pains.

And, despite all this, or maybe because of it, I am feeling great gratitude this morning. I am excited to go to church, and Worship. I probably won't hear most of the words spoken. I probably will get caught by a flying foot at some point, and make many trips to the potty. I might have to endure a tantrum... but I will be where I am supposed to be. I will associate with friends, and feel of His Spirit. I might hear something that will speak just to me. I can help my own children establish a tradition of worship. I can show love to the children I work with.

I am so grateful for my family. For the messy, work-filled day to day drudgery. I am grateful there are people who need me almost every hour of the day. People for me to serve hour after hour, day after day.

This weekend we watched the movie Fireproof. It is about a couple about to divorce, for many common reasons. The man's father asks him to try to save the marriage, and gives him a 40 day task list. As the man does the things, he experiences a change of heart. He learns humility, service and love. He saves his marriage. It was more powerful than I would have thought. I would recommend it!

It especially spoke to me, as these are qualities I have been thinking a lot about and striving for in myself- humility, service and love. It is harder than it seems to acquire them! But as I do so, I am finding myself gaining in happiness and joy.

What are you grateful for today?


colleensewnsew said...

Thanks for a great post. I too am grateful for family and all they do for me, and for a daughter who teachs her children gratitude.

Villamor family said...

i am grateful to see that what I wanted was not best for my family...and for His plan which is way better than mine!

great post