Friday, September 18, 2009

The Power Of Suggestion

When I dropped Jack and Aidan off at school this morning, I told their teacher about Jack's little incident, with the hair and all.

She started apologizing profusely- at first I couldn't figure out why she was apologizing, and then she explained.
It seems that the day before, they had read this book- "Baghead". What do you know- it is about a boy who cuts his own hair, then has to wear a bag over his head because he is embarrassed!

Gee- I wonder where Jack got the idea???

I have been laughing and laughing all day! I do NOT recommend this book! haha!


Rebecca said...

Oh NO! Probably the opposite effect that the book is supposed to have. Kids are CRAZY!

Rebecca said...

Well, at least mine are ;)

ali said...

My kids get the wrong ideas from books ALL the time! It's very frustrating.

Lisa L. said...

HA! Don't read him the one about the boy that eats books (it even has a "bite" out of the corner!!) I wonder if any of my students did stuff like that. If there were ever "questionable" actions, I tried to really emphasize the kids should NOT do that. But you never know... :)

Jennifer said...

Well at least he's paying attention in class!