Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The ride of a lifetime

We have been to the Magic Kingdom of Disney World three times with our little pumpkins. The first time, Kydon had a conference in Orlando, and we tagged along. The kids were 1.5 and 2.5, they all got in free, and we had a great time. Abigail was just barely big enough to ride Splash Mountain, and she *loved* it. Jack and Aidan wanted to go, in all of their 18 month old indignant glory, but there was just no way. But don't worry, we talked about it, over and over and over.

We had so much fun on that first trip, that we planned another. We went again last year, just before the boys turned 3. Abigail was 4. They were dead set on riding Splash Mountain, but again, were too short. Abigail by then had decided she didn't like it, so no one went.

This time, Jack and Aidan finally grew an inch, and were finally, finally tall enough to ride. Sometimes it feels like we have talked about nothing else. For almost 2.5 years, it has been Splash Mountain this and Splash Mountain that.

They were both so thrilled. Aidan kept dragging different people to the measuring stick to show that he was in the clear. My favorite Disney moment was him saying "I can't ba-weave I finawwy big enough to wide it!"

Here they come- Aidan in the front with Daddy, Adam and Lisa in the middle, and Grandpa and Jack behind them.
When I asked them the best part, they both said "all of it"!

Headed for a splash! Jack admitted to being a little nervous on this part, but he still can't wait to go again! I'm just glad they were finally, finally big enough!

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erika said...

How cute! My girls aren't big enough or Splash Mountain yet...I feel your pain :)
Love all the posts about your trip. You are a great writer.