Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Strangest Toy Yet

Jack and Aidan love to get creative with toys. They are constantly coming up with new things to do with their toys, or new things to play with. Aidan loves any kind of string- he will stretch it and wind it and tie it all over, up and down and around, until he has strung up the whole house and the rest of us can't even move from one room to the other!

Today they came up with a great one. Take a small Hot Wheels car. Put it inside an empty milk jug, and see where it takes you. First they were banging it on the floor- it did make some pretty interesting noises. Then they got the idea to throw it and kick it and watch it bounce around. I love hearing their giggles and belly laughs as they were going crazy, trying their best to destroy the house! I finally kicked them outside, and they had a great time!

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