Thursday, September 24, 2009

Taking advantage of the free

We are here in sunny Orlando, FL! It is a wonderful break after all the torrential downpours that flooded most of Atlanta this week. After all of our travels this year, to Puerto Rico, Texas, and whatnot, we needed to either stay home or make this a super cheap trip. Of course, we never stay home!! :)

We will be going to the park one day, but we are here for 5, so we are busy thinking of things to do. Yesterday, we spent a ton of time in the pool. The kids just love, love, love being in the pool. They dive, swim, jump, think of new tricks, and just go all around crazy.

After a quick stop at the playground, we ate lunch with my family, then headed over to Downtown Disney. We played with Legos at the lego store for hours, we paid $2 each for a dumb little train ride that Jack declared was "awesome", then took the free boat ride over to the Port Orleans resort. We walked around for a while, played at the playground, and then we were so hot we decided to shell out almost $15 to get us each a drink. We didn't regret it, because inside the food court, they had AC (a welcome relief), free coloring pages and more legos, and the disney channel on with Abigail's favorite show playing.

After we had absorbed enough AC, we headed back on the boat, played with some Mr. Potato Heads in a store, then went home. A nice dinner followed by another swim in the pool. It was "the best day ever", and we spent less than $20! I love that our kids are so easy to please!

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Villamor family said...

These are the best trips....where there is no stress to see everythig...just relax and enjoy all the free stuff Orlando offers!