Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tooth Fairy Fiasco

Abigail lost her second tooth this weekend. I guess 'lost' isn't quite accurate- she makes up her mind to get it out, then yanks on it till it pops out!

We very, very carefully set it on a napkin while I ran upstairs to finish getting ready and to get the cute little Tooth Fairy Tube her Aunt sent her. I made sure to point it out to Kydon so he wouldn't throw it away.

Except that when I came back, the counters were cleaned off, and Kydon had no memory of anything. He threw it away and didn't even know it. We dug a little through the trash, but weren't able to find it before we gave up.

That's okay- we wrote the tooth fairy a note and put the note in the tube. Abigail told me to make the note as small as possible. When I asked why, she got disgusted and said "so the tooth fairy can carry it, of course!" She dictated the note "Dear Tooth Fairy- I lost my tooth in Atlanta. I hope you find it".

We were visiting Kydon's parents that night, so we were very careful to bring the note and the tube, we very carefully placed it under the pillow, and then... she woke up to nothing! I guess the Tooth Fairy was an idiot and forgot after all that work couldn't find us since we weren't at home.

So we took great care to keep up with the note and tube, and very carefully placed it under the pillow the next night. And she woke up... to nothing! Crazy!!

Luckily she had been a little nervous about having the tooth fairy come in her room and mess around under her pillow, so I had the good idea that we should check outside on the front porch, just in case the tooth fairy didn't want to come in. She stayed in her room while I "checked", and wouldn't you know it- the money was there on the porch! Whew!

I promise to never again think that it is ridiculous when parents forget about the tooth fairy!


Emily said...

Welcome to the club. I could not believe when I would hear about the tooth fairy "forgetting". Now, it's a bi-annual experience here! She's busy you know. Good times!! I love kids' smiles when they start losing teeth.

ali said...

yes, we have done that too. I'm to the point where I just want to tell Gabe that the tooth fairy isn't real, and that we'll just pay him a couple of dollars if he reminds us.

Melinda and Matt said...

Our tooth fairy often hides the money really well under the pillow--sometimes it is hidden so well that only a parent can find it.

Kelly said...

We have had stuff like that happen. You get to think of all kinds of stories for the tooth fairy. What a riot.

katlyn said...

hi - i am delighted to get to read this story! i invented the tooth fairy tubes because our kids sleep together and the tooth fairy was always having trouble finding that little tooth under the pillow. we have a very forgetful tooth fairy too...the kids now know that if she receives her email after 10pm, she brings a present the day after. ( necessary, because they are apparently under the impression tooth fairies shouldn't leave " just money"). "just money?!" , when did that become a bad thing?

Shanna said...

Oh man! Please, please don't tell my kids that presents are a possibility!! Yikes!

And, I have to admit, that when she started getting really nervous about the tooth fairy coming in to her room, I did actually lean over and whisper "you know the tooth fairy isn't real, right?" She didn't believe me, though, and I didn't push it!

Jen said...

This really makes me laugh. I've forgotten a time or two myself. Now that my kids are in on it they just ask me for some $$ because they know I'll forget. I blame them for taking so many of my brain cells. ;)