Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wanna Be My Friend?

I was getting it from every side. I couldn't resist any longer. The curiosity got to me.

I joined facebook.

Please send me friend requests so I don't have to send them to you. Did you know that you have to put in TWO captchas to send a request? I hate those things!! I NEVER get them right- I have to try over, and over, and over. And with two... well, I might just be friendless.

But... if YOU add ME, then I can just confirm, right? And I won't have to try and decipher those crazy letters, right? I hope that is how it works!

If anyone has some facebook advice for me, please send it on!


Villamor family said...

that has never happened to me....go to the friends you already have...and then become friends with their friends...all it takes for me is 1 click. I have never had to do the captchas(didnt' know there was a name for those annoying things either!). maybe you did something to your settings when you joined??? that was probably clear as mud!

Lisa L. said...

Check your settings - I have never put in captchas for friend requests. Oh yea, and I'm sending you a farkle friend request!!

eartohear said...

Watch out, its highly addictive when you get lots of friends going on!