Monday, September 28, 2009

What happens in Orlando...

I know the saying "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas", but I figure what happens in Orlando makes for good blog material!

We went to Orlando with several family members- my parents, Lisa, Adam and Ellie, and Jennifer. The main reason we went is that Jennifer, who lives very, very far away, was coming to Orlando for a conference. We don't see her all that often, and since she was sort-of close, we made the trip. So, we would spend the day playing, and she would do conference stuff, and then we would all meet up in the evening. We were sitting around talking one evening, and Jennifer very innocently says "Oh- I have a story... something kind of weird happened to me last night".

Oh, boy- did it ever! It seems that for the conference, most people were assigned a roommate, unless you wanted to pay extra for a private room. There were all sorts of confusions and juggling and changing around going on. Well, that night, she and her roommate were in their respective beds asleep. Jennifer awoke to the sounds of someone opening their door. She had the thought "oh, another mistake- that person will have to get reassigned to another room when they realize our room is full". She then fell back asleep immediately.

At 4 am, the roommate's cell phone rings. Jennifer gets woken up by someone asking her if it is hers. She says no, then that someone turns to the roommate and hands her the phone. Guess what?? The middle of the night visitor did not go back to the front desk and tell them that room was full. The visitor took off everything but her skivvies and then proceeded to climb into bed with the roommate! And went to sleep for the night!

Can you imagine waking up at 4 am by your phone ringing and turning to see a stranger in their underwear laying in bed next to you and handing you your phone? What was that woman thinking?

The roommate jumped out of bed as quick as she could, and ran to the front desk to get the stranger reassigned to a different room!

Jennifer said when she woke up, the stranger was still there, walking around still in her underwear, and just getting ready for the day! Jennifer wanted to leave, but then she thought of all her stuff in the room, and the fact that she really didn't know her, and so she stayed put!

"What was that woman's name?" "I don't know- you're the one who slept with her!"
"Have you seen Wanda?" "Oh, I've seen Wanda- I've seen plenty of Wanda"!
Was she drunk? Just so tired she didn't care where she slept? Or with who? I still just cannot imagine the chain of events that would cause someone to take off their clothes and get into bed with an asleep stranger!
We were worried about my sister, so we made her a sign to put on the pillow next to her:

And everytime we picked her up from the hotel, I kept picturing every woman there being the one walking around in her underwear in a strangers room!


erika said...

That's all I have to say!!! :)

Melinda said...

Matt and I have been laughing about it all weekend....and we started laughing again all over when we saw your picture. I told Matt that it gives me a renewed determination to use the deadbolts in hotel rooms!

thetallgrl said...

Oh.My.Gosh. That has to be the CREEPIEST thing I've heard in a long time! AAGH!

Jennifer said...

Later my roommate asked what I was thinking when I woke up and saw her, I said Thank God she's not in my bed!

The Petersons said...

What in the world?? People are just nuts! Great blogging material though, lol.

eartohear said...

That's one way to make new friends! I love the way your blogs never fail to make me laugh Shanna. Thanks for taking the time to bring on the pure fun.