Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wrapping it up!

Warning: Major picture overload. I thought I would do a final, major disney post.
These stuffed animals were in our condo, and the kids just loved them, and slept with them every night!
Me and my dad getting a little goofy with a photo spot.
Aidan and Abigail in the same spot, looking cute.
My favorite picture of Jack and his Grandpa watching a parade!
Riding the tomorrowland transit authority!
The standard picture of the kids in front of Zurg at the Buzz Lightyear game.
The kids absolutely loved being able to drive in the little cars. Aidan went with Grandpa, Jack with Mommy, and Abigail with Daddy.

I love how you can just barely see the top of Aidan's head.
The man at the ride was so nice to snap a picture of Jack and I together.
Aidan loved riding the train! Abigail thought it was 'boring', but she did like the snacks. Aidan took the very last seat on the train, and the worker let him yell "All Aboard" into the microphone. He loved it!
We all got dizzy on the teacups!
I think this is one of the cutest pictures of Abigail ever!
I told them we were having a "cutest smile contest", and I think Jack won.
Abigail loved Its a Small World, and she started singing along very loudly- it was adorable!
That's the end of pics from Magic Kingdom, but here a few from the other days:
One morning I woke up to find this- 3 cute kids out on the deck, playing so nice and sweet together.
Posing with Pooh at Downtown Disney
Abigai really wanted to meet a princess, but this was as close as we got...
The Lego store was fantastic, cool displays, and lots of fun building going on.
Abigail spent a lot of time dedicated to finding all the green same-size pieces. She worked really hard on it!
Jack got excited about the opportunity to build a racing car:
And Abigail told us her favorite part was the ride up. She loved all the little surprises I had gathered for them. Although there is just something not right about liking the 8 hour drive more than Disney!
See? Totally excited. Or completely crazy. Whatever!

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