Friday, October 16, 2009

A Big Soapy Mess

Last week we went with our cousins to check out the Halloween festival at Stone Mountain. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, pumpkin painting, crown making, and climbing on rocks. We love getting together with our cousins!
Check out all these rowdy boys! It is quite the crew- and there are two more boys that were too busy to be in the picture.
I love how Jack fits perfectly into this hole. They are always happy to spend a day at Stone Mountain!

And, the day wouldn't be complete without a trip to the Suds'n'Such pumpkin laundromat, where the kids can jump right in and get all soaped up.
We came last year, and so we were prepared this time with a change of clothes and a towel.
The kids absolutely loved it. Swimming, diving, rolling around all over. They would have stayed all day!
About every 5 min they would run out to get me to wipe their eyes off. One quick swipe and they dove right back in!

This is my absolute favorite picture of Jack. The movement, the pure joy on his face, and the bubbles! Love it!

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Lisa L. said...

I like the last picture best, mostly because it looks like Jack has a bubble mullet.