Friday, October 16, 2009

A Devoted Wife

Kydon has been really busy this week. His work has been a lot of, well, work. To help him feel a little love, I decided to make me him a big batch of my his favorite:

Homemade English Muffins.

They are so, so delicious- much better than you can buy in the store. I recommend you make some for your self loved ones right away.

And then I recommend eating one, with a small pat of butter. Followed by one with just jam. After that you will want to try one with butter and jam. And then one all by its little self because they are that yummy. Also you might want to experiment with some meat and cheese. Or more butter, jam, honey, and various combinations.

And if there are any left the next morning, they are amazing with an egg and cheese.

Keeping Kydon in mind, I did make the ultimate sacrifice. I saved him a few one.


Christy said...

yum, looks good!

Jennifer said...

remind me where to find the recipe!

ali said...

oh--that sounds so good. I LOVE English muffins!! I've never tried to make them, I'm totally going to give that a try...

And you just described my pregnancies, I lived on English muffins and butter, and then jam, and then butter and jam.... Also eggs and cheese.... ok, getting hungry!