Sunday, October 18, 2009

Starting Over

Tomorrow marks my first official day going "Back To Work". For two weeks, I will be in orientation, which is a full time schedule- 8a to 4p every single day.


It has always bugged me that for a job with alternate hours (nights, weekends, part time) they always expect us to do so many things during normal work hours. It continues to bug me.

I hate leaving my kids. I hate it. I hate asking and finding people to take care of them. I am extremely grateful that we have so many family members and friends that are willing to step up and help out (esp. my mom- thanks so much!), but I still hate that I have to do it.

I want to be the one to take them to the bus stop. I want to drop them off and pick them up. I want to go into their classrooms and help and participate. That is one of the reasons I love my job so much- I can work part time and they will feel almost no impact from it. I will be home when they are home, and only work once a week while they are asleep. I can come home, get them to school, then sleep while they are gone and wake up before they come home. It is ideal- except for these first two weeks.

It gives me new appreciation for people who do this everyday. I'm glad this is only 2 weeks. Although it feels like such a long time, it really isn't. At least that is what I am trying to convince myself of.


Lisa L. said...

In August, I was having a really hard time because I missed going back to school. Then Robyn dropped the baby off her first day going back to work. I saw how she cried when she left him and how she called me 4 times to check on him. And I realized that although I was taking care of him, I didn't love him like his mom. She would take better care of him than I do. It made me realize that though I missed my job, it would be much harder to miss Ellie.

colleensewnsew said...

You do a great job with your kids, and I am happy to be able to help "my kid".

ali said...

good luck Shanna!

~Our Family~ said...

Thanks for the most beautiful little mini quilt for halloween.. Your so talented... I wish that my mom would have taught me to sew.. I was always told not to touch her sewing machine and I never did.. Now I wish I would have... Thanks so much.....