Friday, October 9, 2009

They are constantly trying to poison me

Jack and Aidan love to play tricks on me. One of their favorite tricks is to pretend to hand me something and say "eat this, mama", or "drink this, mama". After I pretend to eat/drink it, they dissolve into giggles, and triumphantly shout "Ha ha- we got you! It was POISON!"

Then I pretend to die, and they roll on the floor laughing.

I thought I was able to outsmart them when I started making them pretend to eat it first before I would try it. I took a turn laughing hysterically when they gladly pretended to take a bite, then after I ate mine, they pretended to spit theirs out and said "It's POISON"!

I guess I still can't outsmart the 4 year olds!

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