Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's in the box?

The other day a package arrived. Approximately the size and shape that would hold a book and a Snow White movie. I knew it was for Christmas, so I wasn't about to open it with the kids around. However, they answered the door when it arrived, and they were VERY curious!

Abigail made me a deal that if she guessed the *exact* item, that I would tell her she was right. I agreed, and then was treated to a good laugh.

Abigail wanted to start with "grown up" things. Her guesses?
  • Electricity
  • Light bulb
  • A Christmas Tree- the fold up kind

Aidan was also very interested. He had a few guesses of his own:

  • A bowling ball
  • The letter "T"

Jack didn't care too much, and since they were getting close to guessing, I had to put it away out of sight! :)


colleensewnsew said...

Reminds me of another package you got last Christmas!! What did Kydon guess?

Jennifer said...

I always wanted the letter T to come to my house in a cool package!

Percy2626 said...

How fun! You should wrap up a letter T for Christmas!!! :D