Monday, November 30, 2009

Any Questions?

I haven't posted as much about adoption this month as I thought I would. There have been other issues pressing on my mind, and I just haven't had the inspiration that I thought I would.

So, in honor of the last day of National Adoption Month, I thought I would try and get a little help for my last post....

Ask me a question! I am pretty open about our experience, and I love to answer questions about adoption in general, or our personal adoption experience. I will check back tomorrow and answer them all.

To ask a question, simply leave a comment on this post, or send me an email at


Here is last year's questions and answers.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm amazed it lasted this long

This truck has had amazing lasting power. For Easter of 2008, the Easter Bunny dropped off two of these Tonka Monster trucks. And just about every single day since then, they have been pounded on. The favorite games are:

1. Zoom them as fast as you can down the deck steps and laugh like crazy as they crash end over end and smash to a stop at the bottom.
2. Jack sits at one end of the room and Aidan sits at the other, and they race them towards each other at full speed and watch them crash and bang, and they laugh like crazy.

For Easter this year, they both got SO excited that the Easter bunny would bring them another, and they were pleasantly surprised to find 2 red Tonka trucks on Easter morning. That added two more trucks for crashing and banging.

The best part of these trucks? Only $10!! We got ours at Target. I haven't seen them at Walmart, and I don't know if they are anywhere else or not. If you need a great, durable, fun truck for a little boy, I highly recommend this truck!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

We are Thankful For...

Abigail: I'm thankful for Aidan, for Jack, for family and food. Thankful for every single one of us and everything.

Aidan: I take you for Jesus, for my sister Ab-a-gail, thank you for a big house, a nice brother and mommy. And a nice Daddy. And thank you for a nice TV show we can watch every day and "The Great Train Chase" movie.

Jack: I'm thankful for Jesus and Daddy's cousin, Daddy, Mommy, Aidan, and Abigail. For our TV, and "The General and The Texas".

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Desperate for a night out

Kydon and I had planned a date. I was a little nervous about the babysitter (as I always am). Mostly my nerves revolve around how will the babysitter get all 3 in bed??? Kydon and I together have great difficulty, so I can't help but worry how it will all go down.

Abigail and I had gone somewhere at 4, and the boys were at home. I got home at about 5:30, and both boys were asleep on the front room floor. Jack was naked except for the underpants, and Aidan was still in his swimming suit.

I started feeling sick- Kydon let them go to sleep and now the babysitter was DOOMED! I knew we would be out late, and I also knew how gosh darn hard it would be to get them to go to sleep when they nap at 5:30. So, I did what any desperate-for-a-night-out Mom would do. I wrapped them as-is in their blankets, and put them in their beds. No diapers, no clothing. I warned the babysitter that they might wake up... and if they did, they would most certainly be wet, cold, and disoriented. But I also knew there was a pretty good chance they would just sleep on through.

We had a great night! We got home, and all were sleeping- Jack and Aidan never woke up! I took the babysitter home, (just 3 min away), and when I got home, Aidan was at the top of the stairs, fully dressed. He figured it was wake up time! I got him down, and then it was Jack's turn. I got him cleaned up, dried off, dressed, and back to bed. Only to greet Abigail in the hall. Allergy medicine, humidifier, and a kiss put her back down, and then it was my turn. I laid in bed around 2:30, and of course the boys were up and going at 5:00. You can't blame them- they had slept about 13 hours by that point!

But it was still worth it!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Date Night

Kydon and I had one of our best dates ever on Saturday. (Much better than the last one).

We started out going to a CD release party for a good friend of mine, Ashley Harris. It was a packed house- wall to wall people, and I forgot how fun it is to go to something like that and just relax, listen to the music, and just enjoy yourself.

Oh, and I didn't even realize it, but she has an adoption song on her CD! It is called "Someday Somewhere Somebody", and is about a boy living in a home, hoping to be adopted. It was really touching. I also liked "Miracle in Me", and thought it had a great message for someone waiting to adopt (although it isn't specifically about adoption, but it is what the song connected to in me). The rest were just really great country songs! I had a blast, plus I felt like I was doing something cool for once- not just trying on khaki pants and stopping by the grocery store!

Afterward we twisted the arm of some friends that were there, and they went with us to grab some food. This was probably my favorite part of the night- great conversation and a lot of laughing! Something about Kydon drinking the wrong drink... and by the end we agreed to keep a dog. Not sure exactly how that happened!

And then we left, and joined the premier madness of New Moon. And I gotta say, I was quite solidly in the "team Edward" camp, but now I might have changed my mind... :) It was a great movie. And we got home at... 12:30! I know, we are total rebels.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Adoption Worries

I posted last week over at Deep South Moms about one of my post-adoption fears. Check it out, and happy adoption month!

This is what they do all day

When the kids get home from school, they have their set routines.
Jack and Aidan head outside and keep themselves busy until I call them for dinner. They have so many plots and schemes and ideas. They love racing their trucks, playing football, climbing on the swingset, and throwing things down the driveway hill.
Abigail comes home, eats her snack, then eats Jack and Aidan's snack, then she pulls out the "project bucket", a big box of papers, glue, scissors, etc that she can use to make little art projects.
She doesn't stop until I need the table set for dinner.
The amazing thing to me is that this is just what they do. Abigail goes outside sometimes, but she wants to be entertained, and played with, and she usually just ends up sitting on the porch watching. Jack and Aidan hate doing art projects. Occasionally we can get them to sit and try, but they require so much direction and help and encouragement. I'm sure it is a combination of personality and gender, and I'm just glad they are happy for a few hours!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The World's Smallest Swimming Pool

"Mom- can we put on our swimming suits and make a swimming pool on the deck?"

Um, make a swimming pool?

"Yeah, we won't make a mess."

Well, okay.
Getting in the pool- one body part at a time.
All that fun in such a small container.

They played for a good 30 minutes.

And yes, it was pretty warm today!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sneak Preview

Tessa put a few of our family pictures on her website... you can see them here. Can I just say W.O.W??? They are so amazing- and I LOVE some of the crazy expressions she caught. So cute!

And thanks for all the input on the clothes! After reading everyone's input and the links people sent, I decided to put the boys in the brown sweaters. Except we put them on and the sleeves only came to the elbows, and a little tummy was showing! Oops- I guess last year's sweaters aren't cutting it this year! So we ended up with the maroon and blue, and Abigail threw a wildcard by digging up an old lavendar sweater that actually looked really good, so I let her wear it. Of course, when we got there, she wore it for 3 shots and then was done. So, I hope it isn't too weird having her in short sleeves and the rest in sweaters, but it is what it is, right? Also, most of the links recommended layering, so I tried to add a few layers here and there.

I think they turned out pretty great, from what I can see! Thanks for all who responded!

Friday, November 20, 2009


We are getting some family pictures taken tomorrow... by Tessa.
But right now I am in the midst of my pre- picture- clothing- choice freakout.
Wanna give me some input? I could really use it!

Kydon will be wearing something blue. Not sure what, but that is what he said. :)
These three look nice together- the green in my sweater looks nice with they boys in brown.

These are my favorites for Abigail and I- me in green, her in red. I also have a red sweater I could wear, but I like the green one better.

I can't decide if the twins should match or not. I have two of the striped sweaters, but it looks nice with one solid and one striped.

Here is the clothes I pulled out. I have no idea what to do. Maybe I need to go shopping tonight!

These are probably lowest on the list, but they are kind of cute (the brown sweater is Abigail's, and I have two of the blue shirts).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009

Embarrassed by Mom

My recent addition of a part time job has caused me to dig out the old box of scrubs that has sat in my closet for several years. I thought the kids would like it- they have cute prints and cartoon characters all over them. I haven't been working much, so Abigail only saw them once, and she told me "Mom, they look silly" (and that was not "so silly it makes me laugh" it was "silly that I wish you wouldn't wear it").

So, this morning I had to leave as soon as I dropped them off at school and go in for a few hours. I got up and ready, and put on the scrubs. When Abigail realized that I would be the one walking her to the bus, she was not happy. "Mom, you look silly". I just laughed, and went out on the porch. She stepped out with me, and then asked "don't you want to change first?"

She was totally embarrassed! And is it bad that it makes me want to wear them more and more just because I know she doesn't like it?

Maybe I should make a note in her baby book... Nov. 16, 2009... the first time you were embarrassed by your mother! :)

The side of adoption that no one wants to talk about

I thought I would write today on an adoption topic that most people don't like to talk about. Even I don't like to talk about it. But I do have experience, and I think it is important to get the information out there, so here I go.

I will tell you all day long how amazing it is to have an open adoption. I can bring people to tears when I share what it felt like to have a baby placed in my arms. But I usually either gloss over or completely leave out and ignore the existence of post-adoption depression. It just isn't that fun to talk about.

Adoption is amazing and wonderful, but it isn't all a bed of roses. There are some things that are just plain hard. The subject that I wanted to bring some light to is Post-Adoption Depression (PAD).

PAD is not something people talk much about. I had either not heard of it or not listened until I went through it. I'm sure you've heard of Post-Partum Depression (PPD), which is when a woman experiences a mild to severe depression shortly after giving birth. Well, PAD is the same thing, just take out the birth and put in adoption.

My experience starts with Abigail's adoption, since that was my first adoption. It was such a dream come true, and although I had a period of adjusting to a baby, adjusting to being a mother, and some feeling of being overwhelmed with my new responsibility, I had a very easy and enjoyable transition.

When Jack and Aidan were born, it was NOT the same. I know I was expecting it to be the same, and it wasn't. I remember them being 5 months old, and I just felt so angry and overwhelmed all the time. I would lay in bed, trying to go to sleep, and I would fantasize about leaving (in my fantasy, I would drive to a hotel, check in for 3 days until I was caught up on sleep, and then come home). I was not okay, and I didn't know why. I knew it was more than just being really tired and really busy. I knew there was something wrong, and I didn't know why. I was afraid to admit to anyone, even myself or my husband, that everything was not happy. After all, I had ASKED for this. I had sought it out. I had begged and prayed and pleaded for this. I was afraid that if I said I was angry, it would seem like I wasn't grateful. And even though I felt a lot of anger, I still felt incredibly grateful.

It took me a long time to recognize what it was, because I didn't feel what I thought of as "depressed"- I didn't feel sad, I didn't feel like I didn't want to get out of bed. For me, it was fear, anger, and an almost constant feeling of being overwhelmed. I would cry every Sunday night because I was literally afraid of Monday morning coming and being alone with all 3 babies. When I had to go somewhere- a doctor appointment, that sort of thing, I would get panicked the night before. Even things that I had done before and knew I could do, I would panic.

It was so far from my normal, "I can do anything" attitude. Luckily one day I was browsing around on the internet, and found an article on PPD, and immediately recognized myself. I was shocked. At the same time, I was incredibly relieved that I had a name for what I was going through. I also had an online friend who had experienced PAD whom I was able to email.

PPD is hard for people to admit to experiencing, but it is almost expected. I have heard countless new mothers being asked if they are feeling 'blue'. People know about it, and expect it. In contrast, a new adoptive mother is generally expected to just be supremely happy. And we are. Just as a biological mother is ecstatic to have her new baby, adoptive parents are grateful and joyful. But both have the potential to experience mild to severe depression.

Here are a few things that can contribute to an adoptive parent experiencing PAD that people generally don't think about:
  • Sudden change. A bio parent has a pretty sure timeline (give or take a few weeks) to know almost exactly when their baby will arrive. They can plan, prepare, and mentally get ready. An adoptive parent might have waited years and years, and then get a baby on just a few hours notice. Even if they have some notice, the wait is plagued with doubt and fear that it might not work out. I was never able to fully believe that we were actually getting a baby until we actually had the baby.
  • Legal issues. The birth of the baby is generally the beginning of any legal issues that may arise. A lot of adoptions are called "legal risk" adoptions, meaning that the adoptive family accepts the baby, knowing that there are issues that may require the return of the baby. The happy, joyful time of first meeting and falling in love with your baby can also be a time of great stress and worry.
  • Relating to the birthmother. It is hard to watch someone do what these women do. It is easy for an adoptive parent to feel guilt, or that they caused their birthmother this pain. It is hard to think about your own happiness when someone you care so much about may be struggling.
  • New baby. Beyond everything else, is the adjustment to a new baby!

I could probably go on, but I'm doing my best to keep this somewhat brief! :) I just wanted to put this out there, let people know it exists, and hopefully increase awareness.

If you are interested to read more, here is a great article about PAD.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Southern Flair for Thanksgiving

Are you thinking about your Thanksgiving menu yet? There are so many foods I just love, and look forward to at my Thanksgiving meal. I thought I would share a few southern favorites, in case you might want to add them in to your celebration.

1. Sweet Potatoes, southern style. Forget the marshmallows, and make a crunchy topping with cornflakes, brown sugar, pecans, and (of course) butter. I put the recipe on my food blog.

2. Macaroni and Cheese. Here in the south, it is considered a vegetable (not a joke). And it is one vegetable that the kids just love to eat! A good, creamy mac and cheese is hard to beat.

3. Fresh Green Beans. No casserole, just steam some green beans, dollop with a bit of butter and some fresh ground pepper. Simply divine.

4. Pecan Pie. It took me a few years to try this, it always seemed so gloopy and weird. But once I tried it... there was no going back! It is a must.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Anything local that I could add to mine?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chocolate Cake, food storage style

My friend sent me a great email a few days ago. I got her permission to share it with you, so here goes:

Hey guys,
The other day I was watching Rachel Ray. I usually DVR it and
then I watch it when I get a chance. Let's just say I'm over 2 weeks
behind -- I haven't even gotten to the Halloween show yet. Oh well.
Anyway -- there was this lady that has a web site called Hungry Girl
and she lost a bunch of weight by just changing up her favorite foods
into a more healthy version. Anyway -- one of her examples got me
all excited because I've been on this food storage kick ever since I
went to the cannery earlier this year and got my wheat grinder.
Anyway -- she made a boxed chocolate cake with one regular size
can of pumpkin -- that's it. No eggs, no oil. My thought was hey -- that's
totally food storage.
Anyway -- to make a long story short -- I made one last night and my
kids all wanted 2nds. I did a boxed devil's food cake mix and one can
of pumpkin. I made a bundt cake and dusted powdered sugar on top
so as not to disguise it too much with frosting. It was great! So great
that I needed to pass it along.

Happy food storage:)



Doesn't that sound easy?? I box of cake mix + 15 oz pumpkin = yummy cake!

That would be so nice and easy to have in your storage, and now would be a great time to stock a few cans of pumpkin!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dollhouses that took over my life

This little Christmas project was supposed to take only a few hours. Just a couple of afternoons, and it would be done, right?

Yea, not so much. These were SO hard! They took more than 2 weeks to get done! And, if you try them, and they are easy, please don't tell me. They gave me all kinds of fits.

But they did turn out kind of cute, as long as you didn't make them. Because if you made them, it is very hard to ignore all that is wrong with them.

Here is the train house for Aidan. Try to ignore the button loops that are in the wrong place (and the extra ones that need to be cut off. Try to ignore the gaping sides and just focus on the cute brick fabric that I found!

The inside of Aidan's- where the lake and grass seem to be coming off. And the tracks I drew with a Sharpie are quite a bit wonky.

Here is the camping scene for Abigail and the Monster Truck stadium for Jack. Abigail's turned out pretty cute. Try not to think that the fabric for Jack's is pretty weird, and doesn't really look right.

Inside Jack's, I L.O.V.E. the 3-D boulder I made. Turned out awesome. It almost distracts me from the path and water peeling up and the fact that I ironed the heat-n-bond stuff so much that it made the duct tape that is holding the insides together start to bleed through the top of the fabric. (See the black smudges in the bottom right corner?)

Inside Abigails. Her details are my favorite- the 3-D tent, the cute little campfire, the flower buttons, and did you notice the moon and stars above the tent? So stinkin' cute. If only the lake wasn't peeling up and the tent falling off. It should be re-secured as soon as I get some super glue (no, I'm not even kidding. I am totally going to super glue all that crap down. I am SO SICK of trying to make it work the way it is supposed to.)

And, now I just have to spend about $5-$10 each to get the little toys that go inside. And then the project-that-will-never-end will finally be done (after the super glue, of course).

Do you think they will like them? I don't. I only made them because it would give them something else to open, and it would be "fast and easy". Ha, what a joke!! I will cry when the first thing gets ripped off (I'm betting it will be before Christmas day is over).

Monday, November 9, 2009

November is... National Adoption Month!

I love November! The slight cool in the air, the changing leaves, the holidays, and the celebration of adoption!

In case you didn't know, I love adoption.

It brought me this:

And this:
And even this:

You can expect a lot of posts about adoption related topics this month, since it is on my mind and also just a good excuse to talk about it all. But what I have been thinking about lately is just how much our lives are NOT affected by adoption.

Does that make sense?

Almost every minute of every day, adoption has nothing to do with us. I am a mom. Kydon is a dad. Our kids are just that- our kids. We eat together, play together, love each other, get mad at each other, laugh and drive each other crazy. Just like every other family I have ever known. In the big picture, and in the detailed up close picture, we are a family. Adoption is part of our story. A big part of our past, but it doesn't define us. It hasn't made us different. We are just a normal, everyday family with 3 kids and 2 parents.

And that, to me, is the miracle of adoption.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

At least we ran into some old friends!

That is about the best thing I can say about Saturday. We had a great idea- head down to the Auburn homecoming game. We were expecting perfect weather, the game was at the perfect time of day... should be perfect right?

(cue laugh track) (now cue awkward pause)

We left the house at 8 am (remember Abigail wakes at 5 every single day, so an 8 am departure is actually pretty easy). The kids were all SUPER excited. We were decked out head to toe in various combinations of orange and blue. Abigail had ribbons in her hair, and remembered our little Auburn pom-pom.
So, why was it that trying to leave the driveway took 15 minutes, 4 threats of increasing direness, and one turning off of the car and declaring that "fine- we will just stay home"? Why? Probably as a warning. If it takes 15 minutes to just get out of the driveway, you should probably stay home.

(bedhead, anyone?)
The 2 hour ride was moderately painful. Luckily for us we have a (wonderful) car with an extra row of seating. It is a lifesaver when the best option is just to not let anyone be able to touch anyone else. We used it a lot today. We finally got there, and the kids were STARVING. So we ate our lunch, then started walking around campus.

That part was actually pretty nice. The weather was beautiful, and the kids were mostly happy and cooperative. We went to a bookstore, and they each chose a little Auburn toy, and we had several people remark how cute they are.

It was actually hard to find some tickets, which really surprised us. Usually there are people all over the place selling them, but today, not so much. Luckily after a lot of searching and a verbal altercation with a scalper, Kydon got us all tickets. We went in, and then the pain started. From the second we started toward the stadium, Abigail was huuunnnngry and thirrrrsssty and could not wait even one second. Since our tickets were all over the place, we went to the one spot that had 2 seats together, then tried to cram all 5 of us into a spot meant for 1.5 people. Not our best idea.

Abigail finally drove me so crazy with her begging and whining that I paid $8 for a bottle of water and a soda before the game even began, and missed one of the best moments of the game- when they fly the eagle around the stadium several times right before kick off. Then when we sat down, she spilled at least $3 worth of water all over herself, me, and all our things. Great.

After 7 minutes of game time (and two touchdowns! Woo hoo!), we decided to move ourselves to a more empty spot in the stadium where we could actually all sit and not try to cram with all of the kids on our laps. As we were leaving the seats, we saw some of our very oldest friends! They just happened to be there, and were sitting really close to where we were at! We were able to talk to them for about 20 min (while the kids went absolutely bananas), and it was so fun to see them again!
By this time, all 3 were whining, crying, and begging for food. The only way we could have stayed was to pay a good $30 or so for food and drinks, plus walk to the other side of the stadium to get to the empty seats. We decided to bag it, and we left. Good thing we paid the money for tickets to watch a whole 7 minutes!
I won't go into details of the walk back to the car and starting to drive. Let's just say it was miserable for all and more than one of us completely lost it.

Since we left the game so early, we did decide that we had enough time to stop by Kydon's parents house on the way home, and that was a very welcome break where we all got to relax and eat and rejuvenate ourselves before the ride home.
The very painful ride home.

I don't understand how we can have more tantrums and problems on a 2 hour drive than we can on our 13+ hour trip from Houston earlier this summer. Can anyone explain that? Maybe the day was just doomed.

But, at least we were able to reconnect with our friends! That was actually worth all the rest. The strangest part is that they spent the next two days telling everyone they saw all about going to the Auburn game and AUBURN WON! And just how fun it all was. Must be nice to have such a selective memory!

Friday, November 6, 2009

An overused phrase

Whenever I hear a phrase that gets overused, it makes me want to use it as much as humanly possible. Mostly to draw attention to the overuse, and also because it will sometimes make people laugh.

This week's phrase? "Especially in this economy". Seriously, don't you hear that everywhere? And as an excuse for everything? So now I'm going to use it myself.

Here are some examples of ways to work it into all of your conversations:

I'm really hungry. Especially in this economy.

I don't feel like going to school. Especially in this economy.

We shouldn't eat that ice cream. Especially in this economy.

See? A very helpful phrase.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anyone wanna interpret my dream?

I didn't sleep well last night. I was having an extremely vivid and strange dream. If you are really bored today, feel free to read through it and offer up your interpretation.

Anyone that makes me laugh out loud will get a little prize! (It might or might not be some of the candy that I took from the kids)

I started off visiting a girl from church. Her name is Lori. In my dream, she lived in the very rough condo neighborhood that is near our old house. Her and her husband had a small shop that sold pins (like the kind you might pin on your shirt). They were having a hard time making ends meet, so I was looking through the shop to see if I wanted to buy anything. My mom suddenly appeared, and she was wearing this very distinctive (kind of weird) suit. Wouldn't you know it, they had a pin that matched it EXACTLY. The pin was actually just a strip of fabric with a pin on it, and it was the exact fabric of her suit. It was $22, which we felt was way too much. But Lori's husband would NOT lower the price, no way. Lori was mad, because they had a huge display of these pins, and they had had them in stock for several years, and this was the first person who wanted to buy one. But he wouldn't compromise, so we left.

On the way home, we walked by our old house. The people who lived there now had totally redone the landscaping, and it was GORGEOUS. Tons of beautiful rocks, plants, and all these different waterfalls. The new owner was out front (in her wedding dress, of course), so I introduced myself and kept saying "oh, we were going to do all of this too, but we just hadn't gotten to it before we left". Then I showed her where Kydon had buried a trash can to serve as water drainage, and she said that they never would have been able to do all the landscaping if he hadn't done that! LOL!

Then I glanced at the backyard. The new people had cleared out all the forest area (ok, actually our old house is a duplex, and had zero backyard, but those details don't really seem to matter in this dream), and there was a HUGE water tank. I mean huge. And guess what? They had a WHALE swimming in it! Cool, right? So, I called Kydon to come see it, and we ended up hanging out with the really cool rich people that live in our old house. As we are talking about all the custom paint and fancy furniture that we "were going to do, but just hadn't gotten to it yet before we moved", I noticed that they actually had 4 whales in the tank! Of course!

Then the husband was holding their new baby, and he was saying he thought there was something wrong with the baby. He had all these weird huge bumps all along his chin line. Everyone kept telling the husband that the baby was fine, and not to worry. He got really happy when I agreed that there was something majorly wrong with the baby, and he should take him to get checked out.

At this point, all of our kids were there too, running around and having fun, and we were all watching the 4 whales playing in the backyard tank. Then, the baby takes flight. Those weird bumps just meant that he was actually a SUPER baby! We were all so relieved! Then we had lots of fun trying to catch the baby, and Jack especially was loving the flying baby! There was some sort of thing that the baby had to have helium balloons, and if they ever ran out, it was really bad. So they kept getting balloon deliveries, and one was late, but after a bunch of phone calls and all of us freaking out, we realized that the delivery guy was actually there after all, he was just distracted by the whale tank.

Then I woke up. And remembered the WHOLE THING.

Remind me not to eat candy before bed again!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Welcome to the world!

When the teeny tiny babies are born, I am thankful once again that we live near our family! We all met our newest nephew, Parker this week. He is completely adorable! And Abigail is getting pretty good at taking pictures. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm not Grandma

On my last day of work, I was supposed to finish at 3:30. The plan was for my mom to pick up the kids and take them to their favorite jumping place, PLAY. They had been doing this routine for a couple weeks, and I think we were all getting a bit tired of all the run-around.

So, you can imagine how happy I was when our instructor let us out at 11:30 instead of 3:30. I was so excited to call my mom and cancel her services, and I was counting the minutes until the bus came and I could grab all my kiddos and bring them home.

I figured they would be happy to see me as well... but I was wrong!

When Abigail got off the bus, she scowled and stomped her foot. "Where's Grandma?" I told her that I was off work, and wasn't it great that I could pick her up? Well, no, apparently not. So, I buckle the mad girl into her seat and head off to get the boys. As soon as they spot me, they both scream and start crying. "YOU NOT GRAMMA"! "Now we can't go to jumping place"! They cried the whole way home, and were very mad at me the whole day.

What can I say- I'm just not Grandma!

Monday, November 2, 2009


We had tons of fun for Halloween... of course! No less than 4 parties- one at each school, one for church, and the one at my sisters on Halloween night.
We had to switch up the costumes at each one. Abigail was Dorothy, a vampire, Tinkerbell and Cinderella. Aidan was Thomas the Tank Engine, a sword fighter, and a spider "with orange body and red arms". Jack was Spiderman and a sword fighter. Just to keep it all interesting!
No boring black spiders here! Probably no one knew what he was, but as long as he was happy, that is all that matters!
At Melinda's house- it was a bunch of cute little kids! It was so fun to trick or treat with all of our cousins and friends!
I love it when they make a run for it after sitting still for the pictures!

Isn't she beautiful?? She put the crown on, then talked about Aunt Laura all night. (The crown was from her wedding). Abigail was all about gathering as much candy as humanly possible!
Aidan was totally excited when he found another little boy in a Thomas costume! He wanted to walk next to him and follow him all night long!
I was there too! A half-way decent picture is cause for celebration! :)

Fall Party and Bento Goodness

Last Friday I got to go to Abigail's class and help out with the Kindergarten "Wild Rumpus". You know, the obligitory Fall/Halloween party. I was very excited to go. I hadn't been to her class in a couple weeks, and I was missing being around my kids!

The party was a total blast for a 5 year old! Many different little crafts and games and books.
On my last day of work (Thurs), my friend Heidi sent me a link to some really cute Bento. A lady had made little Bento rice people to look like all the characters from "Where the Wild Things Are". So I spent all morning looking at these adorable bento people, and thinking about going to Abigail's party the next day. (And no, I don't remember much of what I was supposed to be paying attention to in the class I was in. I was too busy thinking about bento!)

Anyway, of course the two ideas merged, and I decided to make one of the little Max characters for the kids in her class.
I told you I like to over-do things.

As I was putting 6 tiny strips of seaweed on each of 22 little Max faces, it occurs to me that there is probably no way all these kindergarteners are going to eat these things. Rice, ham, chocolate, cheese and seaweed. Heck, half of them wouldn't even eat a PANCAKE on pj and pancake day! But, after already putting almost 2 hours into these suckers, I was already almost done, so I just finished them off and took them in.
When Abigail got home, I asked her how they were, and guess what?

Yep, her teacher forgot to hand them out!!! Can you believe it? I can! :) She did send me an email later on saying sorry and that she did remember before the after school groups left, so she gave it to them. Ah well, that's what I get for spending a bunch of time doing something that no one is going to care about anyway!