Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anyone wanna interpret my dream?

I didn't sleep well last night. I was having an extremely vivid and strange dream. If you are really bored today, feel free to read through it and offer up your interpretation.

Anyone that makes me laugh out loud will get a little prize! (It might or might not be some of the candy that I took from the kids)

I started off visiting a girl from church. Her name is Lori. In my dream, she lived in the very rough condo neighborhood that is near our old house. Her and her husband had a small shop that sold pins (like the kind you might pin on your shirt). They were having a hard time making ends meet, so I was looking through the shop to see if I wanted to buy anything. My mom suddenly appeared, and she was wearing this very distinctive (kind of weird) suit. Wouldn't you know it, they had a pin that matched it EXACTLY. The pin was actually just a strip of fabric with a pin on it, and it was the exact fabric of her suit. It was $22, which we felt was way too much. But Lori's husband would NOT lower the price, no way. Lori was mad, because they had a huge display of these pins, and they had had them in stock for several years, and this was the first person who wanted to buy one. But he wouldn't compromise, so we left.

On the way home, we walked by our old house. The people who lived there now had totally redone the landscaping, and it was GORGEOUS. Tons of beautiful rocks, plants, and all these different waterfalls. The new owner was out front (in her wedding dress, of course), so I introduced myself and kept saying "oh, we were going to do all of this too, but we just hadn't gotten to it before we left". Then I showed her where Kydon had buried a trash can to serve as water drainage, and she said that they never would have been able to do all the landscaping if he hadn't done that! LOL!

Then I glanced at the backyard. The new people had cleared out all the forest area (ok, actually our old house is a duplex, and had zero backyard, but those details don't really seem to matter in this dream), and there was a HUGE water tank. I mean huge. And guess what? They had a WHALE swimming in it! Cool, right? So, I called Kydon to come see it, and we ended up hanging out with the really cool rich people that live in our old house. As we are talking about all the custom paint and fancy furniture that we "were going to do, but just hadn't gotten to it yet before we moved", I noticed that they actually had 4 whales in the tank! Of course!

Then the husband was holding their new baby, and he was saying he thought there was something wrong with the baby. He had all these weird huge bumps all along his chin line. Everyone kept telling the husband that the baby was fine, and not to worry. He got really happy when I agreed that there was something majorly wrong with the baby, and he should take him to get checked out.

At this point, all of our kids were there too, running around and having fun, and we were all watching the 4 whales playing in the backyard tank. Then, the baby takes flight. Those weird bumps just meant that he was actually a SUPER baby! We were all so relieved! Then we had lots of fun trying to catch the baby, and Jack especially was loving the flying baby! There was some sort of thing that the baby had to have helium balloons, and if they ever ran out, it was really bad. So they kept getting balloon deliveries, and one was late, but after a bunch of phone calls and all of us freaking out, we realized that the delivery guy was actually there after all, he was just distracted by the whale tank.

Then I woke up. And remembered the WHOLE THING.

Remind me not to eat candy before bed again!


colleensewnsew said...

I just want to know if I got to see the whales or if I had to go home because of the weird clothes and no pin!

Jen said...

Wow, I never remember my dreams. You sure have interesting dreams. :)

Kayleen said...

Tears of laughter are still streaming down my face, thanks for sharing!!!!!!

ali said...

ok, here's my interpretation: You're pregnant.

(That had to have at least garnered a laugh or a gasp of horror)

Shanna said...

HaHa- it *did* make me laugh! And there is no way it could be true, which makes it funny and not scary! ;)

Katie said...

I'm not sure of the meaning of the dream, but I would take part of it as a sign to stay away from sea world because look at all the trouble that tank of whales caused.
Oh, and also it makes me know that you are a good friend because most people would have said "no, your baby with freaky bumps on it's neck looks great, what a cutie" But not you, you spoke up and told the truth, and that's what a good friend does.
Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

This sounds like it could be a story line for a Roald Dahl novel. I think you have got something. I especially like the flying baby.

This one made me laugh. Thanks for sharing.

I think that you should get a fish tank.

Rebecca said...

That is one crazy dream! No interpretations... :)

Jennifer said...

so what is in your candy?!