Sunday, November 8, 2009

At least we ran into some old friends!

That is about the best thing I can say about Saturday. We had a great idea- head down to the Auburn homecoming game. We were expecting perfect weather, the game was at the perfect time of day... should be perfect right?

(cue laugh track) (now cue awkward pause)

We left the house at 8 am (remember Abigail wakes at 5 every single day, so an 8 am departure is actually pretty easy). The kids were all SUPER excited. We were decked out head to toe in various combinations of orange and blue. Abigail had ribbons in her hair, and remembered our little Auburn pom-pom.
So, why was it that trying to leave the driveway took 15 minutes, 4 threats of increasing direness, and one turning off of the car and declaring that "fine- we will just stay home"? Why? Probably as a warning. If it takes 15 minutes to just get out of the driveway, you should probably stay home.

(bedhead, anyone?)
The 2 hour ride was moderately painful. Luckily for us we have a (wonderful) car with an extra row of seating. It is a lifesaver when the best option is just to not let anyone be able to touch anyone else. We used it a lot today. We finally got there, and the kids were STARVING. So we ate our lunch, then started walking around campus.

That part was actually pretty nice. The weather was beautiful, and the kids were mostly happy and cooperative. We went to a bookstore, and they each chose a little Auburn toy, and we had several people remark how cute they are.

It was actually hard to find some tickets, which really surprised us. Usually there are people all over the place selling them, but today, not so much. Luckily after a lot of searching and a verbal altercation with a scalper, Kydon got us all tickets. We went in, and then the pain started. From the second we started toward the stadium, Abigail was huuunnnngry and thirrrrsssty and could not wait even one second. Since our tickets were all over the place, we went to the one spot that had 2 seats together, then tried to cram all 5 of us into a spot meant for 1.5 people. Not our best idea.

Abigail finally drove me so crazy with her begging and whining that I paid $8 for a bottle of water and a soda before the game even began, and missed one of the best moments of the game- when they fly the eagle around the stadium several times right before kick off. Then when we sat down, she spilled at least $3 worth of water all over herself, me, and all our things. Great.

After 7 minutes of game time (and two touchdowns! Woo hoo!), we decided to move ourselves to a more empty spot in the stadium where we could actually all sit and not try to cram with all of the kids on our laps. As we were leaving the seats, we saw some of our very oldest friends! They just happened to be there, and were sitting really close to where we were at! We were able to talk to them for about 20 min (while the kids went absolutely bananas), and it was so fun to see them again!
By this time, all 3 were whining, crying, and begging for food. The only way we could have stayed was to pay a good $30 or so for food and drinks, plus walk to the other side of the stadium to get to the empty seats. We decided to bag it, and we left. Good thing we paid the money for tickets to watch a whole 7 minutes!
I won't go into details of the walk back to the car and starting to drive. Let's just say it was miserable for all and more than one of us completely lost it.

Since we left the game so early, we did decide that we had enough time to stop by Kydon's parents house on the way home, and that was a very welcome break where we all got to relax and eat and rejuvenate ourselves before the ride home.
The very painful ride home.

I don't understand how we can have more tantrums and problems on a 2 hour drive than we can on our 13+ hour trip from Houston earlier this summer. Can anyone explain that? Maybe the day was just doomed.

But, at least we were able to reconnect with our friends! That was actually worth all the rest. The strangest part is that they spent the next two days telling everyone they saw all about going to the Auburn game and AUBURN WON! And just how fun it all was. Must be nice to have such a selective memory!


ali said...

you know, I always see people bringing young kids to the BYU games, and I always wonder how they do it. And now I know that it's much better to get a babysitter ;)

Katherine Malone said...

This post made me laugh - I can barely get some of my girl friends through a whole day of college football, so I can only imagine three kids!

I am your neighbor here in Atlanta and heard about a fun local event today, and thought it might be an "easier" outing for your family to make :) I sent it to some of the other moms I know, too.

Its a German Christmas Festival at the Atlanta International School in Buckhead this Saturday from 2-7 right by Pharr Rd. Its free and it sounds like a fun event to bring the kids to, especially if its nice weather outside! They have crafts and such on the inside too for the kids.

If you go, I'd love to hear how it went!