Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chocolate Cake, food storage style

My friend sent me a great email a few days ago. I got her permission to share it with you, so here goes:

Hey guys,
The other day I was watching Rachel Ray. I usually DVR it and
then I watch it when I get a chance. Let's just say I'm over 2 weeks
behind -- I haven't even gotten to the Halloween show yet. Oh well.
Anyway -- there was this lady that has a web site called Hungry Girl
and she lost a bunch of weight by just changing up her favorite foods
into a more healthy version. Anyway -- one of her examples got me
all excited because I've been on this food storage kick ever since I
went to the cannery earlier this year and got my wheat grinder.
Anyway -- she made a boxed chocolate cake with one regular size
can of pumpkin -- that's it. No eggs, no oil. My thought was hey -- that's
totally food storage.
Anyway -- to make a long story short -- I made one last night and my
kids all wanted 2nds. I did a boxed devil's food cake mix and one can
of pumpkin. I made a bundt cake and dusted powdered sugar on top
so as not to disguise it too much with frosting. It was great! So great
that I needed to pass it along.

Happy food storage:)



Doesn't that sound easy?? I box of cake mix + 15 oz pumpkin = yummy cake!

That would be so nice and easy to have in your storage, and now would be a great time to stock a few cans of pumpkin!


Jenny said...

I had a friend who turned me onto these a while ago. She made them as mini-muffins and added 3/4 cup of wheat germ and 3/4 cup of flax seed meal to make them a little less gooey. I think I eat more than my kids when I make them!!

thetallgrl said...

Thank you for sharing - I will be trying that out real soon!

ali said...

you can also use a spice cake mix and add chocolate chips. Isn't pumpkin wonderful??