Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Desperate for a night out

Kydon and I had planned a date. I was a little nervous about the babysitter (as I always am). Mostly my nerves revolve around how will the babysitter get all 3 in bed??? Kydon and I together have great difficulty, so I can't help but worry how it will all go down.

Abigail and I had gone somewhere at 4, and the boys were at home. I got home at about 5:30, and both boys were asleep on the front room floor. Jack was naked except for the underpants, and Aidan was still in his swimming suit.

I started feeling sick- Kydon let them go to sleep and now the babysitter was DOOMED! I knew we would be out late, and I also knew how gosh darn hard it would be to get them to go to sleep when they nap at 5:30. So, I did what any desperate-for-a-night-out Mom would do. I wrapped them as-is in their blankets, and put them in their beds. No diapers, no clothing. I warned the babysitter that they might wake up... and if they did, they would most certainly be wet, cold, and disoriented. But I also knew there was a pretty good chance they would just sleep on through.

We had a great night! We got home, and all were sleeping- Jack and Aidan never woke up! I took the babysitter home, (just 3 min away), and when I got home, Aidan was at the top of the stairs, fully dressed. He figured it was wake up time! I got him down, and then it was Jack's turn. I got him cleaned up, dried off, dressed, and back to bed. Only to greet Abigail in the hall. Allergy medicine, humidifier, and a kiss put her back down, and then it was my turn. I laid in bed around 2:30, and of course the boys were up and going at 5:00. You can't blame them- they had slept about 13 hours by that point!

But it was still worth it!


erika said...

I have the same anxiety you do about babysitters....bedtime!!! I'm glad to hear all went well though. (And that your babysitter lives so close) :)

Kevin & Rebecca said...

I would have done exactly the same thing! I hope you caught up on your sleep.