Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dollhouses that took over my life

This little Christmas project was supposed to take only a few hours. Just a couple of afternoons, and it would be done, right?

Yea, not so much. These were SO hard! They took more than 2 weeks to get done! And, if you try them, and they are easy, please don't tell me. They gave me all kinds of fits.

But they did turn out kind of cute, as long as you didn't make them. Because if you made them, it is very hard to ignore all that is wrong with them.

Here is the train house for Aidan. Try to ignore the button loops that are in the wrong place (and the extra ones that need to be cut off. Try to ignore the gaping sides and just focus on the cute brick fabric that I found!

The inside of Aidan's- where the lake and grass seem to be coming off. And the tracks I drew with a Sharpie are quite a bit wonky.

Here is the camping scene for Abigail and the Monster Truck stadium for Jack. Abigail's turned out pretty cute. Try not to think that the fabric for Jack's is pretty weird, and doesn't really look right.

Inside Jack's, I L.O.V.E. the 3-D boulder I made. Turned out awesome. It almost distracts me from the path and water peeling up and the fact that I ironed the heat-n-bond stuff so much that it made the duct tape that is holding the insides together start to bleed through the top of the fabric. (See the black smudges in the bottom right corner?)

Inside Abigails. Her details are my favorite- the 3-D tent, the cute little campfire, the flower buttons, and did you notice the moon and stars above the tent? So stinkin' cute. If only the lake wasn't peeling up and the tent falling off. It should be re-secured as soon as I get some super glue (no, I'm not even kidding. I am totally going to super glue all that crap down. I am SO SICK of trying to make it work the way it is supposed to.)

And, now I just have to spend about $5-$10 each to get the little toys that go inside. And then the project-that-will-never-end will finally be done (after the super glue, of course).

Do you think they will like them? I don't. I only made them because it would give them something else to open, and it would be "fast and easy". Ha, what a joke!! I will cry when the first thing gets ripped off (I'm betting it will be before Christmas day is over).


Jen said...

They are totally cute! Sorry they were such a pain.

ali said...

oh Shanna! I think they are adorable! You did a fantastic job, I'm sure the kids will love them. And I can totally relate to Christmas projects taking over your life (did you read about mine?)

Katie said...

I think they are darling. Thanks for telling me how hard they are though. I was going to try to make something similar for my nephews, but if it was hard for you I KNOW I could never do it, so now I won't even waste my time. I am going to make them cheesy little marshmallow shooters (That will no doubt turn into "wacking sticks" as soon as the marshmallows run out) and call it good:) Don't you love Christmas:)

Lisa L. said...

I was thinking about making one for Ellie, and now I am glad I didn't!

Cecilee said...

That's always my problem with making things; I always see the faults with them. THey are actually really cute. Good job!

thetallgrl said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. Because I didn't make them, I see all the cuteness and fabulous fun that you can't! I think they will love them and, yes, even wear them out, but that is what toys are for. So sorry they drove you crazy - I've had projects like that, too. Makes you want to pull your hair out!

Anyway, my opinion is: good job and good luck!

Cecilee said...

I think they're very cute and the kids will love them. I want to play with them when I come....good for you for making things ahead. You are so talented and diligent to work at things.

Valeni said...

Oh no, the wrong person again. Valeni said that second Cecilee comment. That is weird that Cecilee's name is on my computer.

UK lass in US said...

I'm sorry.

I was wondering how well that heat-n-bond stuff worked, as a few people had asked me about it, but I've never tried it. I sewed the edges of the felt pieces down by hand in matching thread and that's held up to 2 kids' worth of play, but it takes a while. I love all the details that you thought of.