Monday, November 16, 2009

Embarrassed by Mom

My recent addition of a part time job has caused me to dig out the old box of scrubs that has sat in my closet for several years. I thought the kids would like it- they have cute prints and cartoon characters all over them. I haven't been working much, so Abigail only saw them once, and she told me "Mom, they look silly" (and that was not "so silly it makes me laugh" it was "silly that I wish you wouldn't wear it").

So, this morning I had to leave as soon as I dropped them off at school and go in for a few hours. I got up and ready, and put on the scrubs. When Abigail realized that I would be the one walking her to the bus, she was not happy. "Mom, you look silly". I just laughed, and went out on the porch. She stepped out with me, and then asked "don't you want to change first?"

She was totally embarrassed! And is it bad that it makes me want to wear them more and more just because I know she doesn't like it?

Maybe I should make a note in her baby book... Nov. 16, 2009... the first time you were embarrassed by your mother! :)


thetallgrl said...

Man, it starts early! Good for you, wearing them anyway (and getting some enjoyment for making her "suffer").

Jen said...

I think you should totally write it in her baby book and write why with a picture of you in your "silly" scrubs. :)

ali said...

oooh-- so early!

erika said...

That is so funny! I love it.