Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Party and Bento Goodness

Last Friday I got to go to Abigail's class and help out with the Kindergarten "Wild Rumpus". You know, the obligitory Fall/Halloween party. I was very excited to go. I hadn't been to her class in a couple weeks, and I was missing being around my kids!

The party was a total blast for a 5 year old! Many different little crafts and games and books.
On my last day of work (Thurs), my friend Heidi sent me a link to some really cute Bento. A lady had made little Bento rice people to look like all the characters from "Where the Wild Things Are". So I spent all morning looking at these adorable bento people, and thinking about going to Abigail's party the next day. (And no, I don't remember much of what I was supposed to be paying attention to in the class I was in. I was too busy thinking about bento!)

Anyway, of course the two ideas merged, and I decided to make one of the little Max characters for the kids in her class.
I told you I like to over-do things.

As I was putting 6 tiny strips of seaweed on each of 22 little Max faces, it occurs to me that there is probably no way all these kindergarteners are going to eat these things. Rice, ham, chocolate, cheese and seaweed. Heck, half of them wouldn't even eat a PANCAKE on pj and pancake day! But, after already putting almost 2 hours into these suckers, I was already almost done, so I just finished them off and took them in.
When Abigail got home, I asked her how they were, and guess what?

Yep, her teacher forgot to hand them out!!! Can you believe it? I can! :) She did send me an email later on saying sorry and that she did remember before the after school groups left, so she gave it to them. Ah well, that's what I get for spending a bunch of time doing something that no one is going to care about anyway!


Villamor family said...

been there....done that! they were cute though!

erika said...

They are so cute! That's too bad Abigail's class didn't get to enjoy them. You are so creative.