Monday, November 2, 2009


We had tons of fun for Halloween... of course! No less than 4 parties- one at each school, one for church, and the one at my sisters on Halloween night.
We had to switch up the costumes at each one. Abigail was Dorothy, a vampire, Tinkerbell and Cinderella. Aidan was Thomas the Tank Engine, a sword fighter, and a spider "with orange body and red arms". Jack was Spiderman and a sword fighter. Just to keep it all interesting!
No boring black spiders here! Probably no one knew what he was, but as long as he was happy, that is all that matters!
At Melinda's house- it was a bunch of cute little kids! It was so fun to trick or treat with all of our cousins and friends!
I love it when they make a run for it after sitting still for the pictures!

Isn't she beautiful?? She put the crown on, then talked about Aunt Laura all night. (The crown was from her wedding). Abigail was all about gathering as much candy as humanly possible!
Aidan was totally excited when he found another little boy in a Thomas costume! He wanted to walk next to him and follow him all night long!
I was there too! A half-way decent picture is cause for celebration! :)


Rebecca said...

I just love seeing kids in their costumes! SO cute! Love the orange and red spider. SO creative!

ali said...

I can't believe you switched the kids costumes for each party! Are you sure you're not Grandma?

Shanna said...

Don't worry- I'm still a slacker! The only costume I made this year was the spider. Jack has been spiderman for 3 years now. The sword fighters just meant that they grabbed some swords and went to the party. Abigail had all the other stuff in her dress up box! I didn't care that they were changing, since it was all just stuff we had around. :)