Friday, November 20, 2009


We are getting some family pictures taken tomorrow... by Tessa.
But right now I am in the midst of my pre- picture- clothing- choice freakout.
Wanna give me some input? I could really use it!

Kydon will be wearing something blue. Not sure what, but that is what he said. :)
These three look nice together- the green in my sweater looks nice with they boys in brown.

These are my favorites for Abigail and I- me in green, her in red. I also have a red sweater I could wear, but I like the green one better.

I can't decide if the twins should match or not. I have two of the striped sweaters, but it looks nice with one solid and one striped.

Here is the clothes I pulled out. I have no idea what to do. Maybe I need to go shopping tonight!

These are probably lowest on the list, but they are kind of cute (the brown sweater is Abigail's, and I have two of the blue shirts).


Opp Family said...

I would wear what would look best in your home (if you plan on displaying any of the pictures later). I'd stay away from bright reds, they can be hard to photograph. I like the idea of the twins in the brown sweaters, and I would not put them in the football shirt - it seems more for play. The burgundy shirt looks really nice too. I wouldn't put Abigail in a brown sweater if you put the twins in the brown sweaters - too much brown! Hope this helps!

thetallgrl said...

I like you and Abigail in solid red and green, the twins in the brown sweaters, and Kydon in his blue. :o) I wouldn't do the stripes because that can overwhelm a photo. Solids ground you and draw the attention to your face. Plus all those colors together should look nice.

Just my thoughts!

Camille said...

I say put the three kids in brown, you in green and Kydon in blue. They actually just had some people on the local news channel talking about this here in Utah- check out these links and you might get some ideas:

Jen said...

I hate this part of pictures...I agree with thetallgrl's comment. If you have to go shopping though to make sure you like your pics. Don't forget to accessorize too! A scarf, jacket, or necklace go a long way to pull everything together. Good luck!

Rebecca said...

I like the the brown sweaters for the boys! And the green, blue & red for the rest of you...

ali said...

I definitely think you should do one solid and one striped, I'm not a fan of matching perfectly, but I like coordinating.