Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm amazed it lasted this long

This truck has had amazing lasting power. For Easter of 2008, the Easter Bunny dropped off two of these Tonka Monster trucks. And just about every single day since then, they have been pounded on. The favorite games are:

1. Zoom them as fast as you can down the deck steps and laugh like crazy as they crash end over end and smash to a stop at the bottom.
2. Jack sits at one end of the room and Aidan sits at the other, and they race them towards each other at full speed and watch them crash and bang, and they laugh like crazy.

For Easter this year, they both got SO excited that the Easter bunny would bring them another, and they were pleasantly surprised to find 2 red Tonka trucks on Easter morning. That added two more trucks for crashing and banging.

The best part of these trucks? Only $10!! We got ours at Target. I haven't seen them at Walmart, and I don't know if they are anywhere else or not. If you need a great, durable, fun truck for a little boy, I highly recommend this truck!

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