Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Southern Flair for Thanksgiving

Are you thinking about your Thanksgiving menu yet? There are so many foods I just love, and look forward to at my Thanksgiving meal. I thought I would share a few southern favorites, in case you might want to add them in to your celebration.

1. Sweet Potatoes, southern style. Forget the marshmallows, and make a crunchy topping with cornflakes, brown sugar, pecans, and (of course) butter. I put the recipe on my food blog.

2. Macaroni and Cheese. Here in the south, it is considered a vegetable (not a joke). And it is one vegetable that the kids just love to eat! A good, creamy mac and cheese is hard to beat.

3. Fresh Green Beans. No casserole, just steam some green beans, dollop with a bit of butter and some fresh ground pepper. Simply divine.

4. Pecan Pie. It took me a few years to try this, it always seemed so gloopy and weird. But once I tried it... there was no going back! It is a must.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Anything local that I could add to mine?


Lisa said...

For all my holiday meals, baking, etc. I refer to my growing collection of Southern cooking magazines--Southern Living, Taste of the South, Paula Deen, etc. I've never been to the South, but I guess I'm living there vicariously! I'm envious!

Lisa said...

Except I don't care for cornbread dressing.

Katie said...

We aren't big on the green bean cassrole either. We steam them, then sautee them in olive oile, fresh shopped oregano and thyme, and pine nuts. It's a favorite. My mom also makes whole grain rolls that are to die for. And of course the day after we make homemade egg noodles and make soup with the left over turkey. Those are the things that say thanksgiving to me.

Katie said...

oh, and I can't wait to try your sweet potatoe recipe. Sounds yummy!

Cecilee said...

I love to cook a Thanksgiving feast too! We did a small one last week since we're going out of town for Thanksgiving. I love the holiday ribbon salad my mom always made to go with turkey. It has the two layers of red and green jello on the outside with the cream cheese, pineapple, whipped cream, and lemon jello/marshmellow filling. So good with turkey and ham!
I think the green bean casserole with pinenuts hat Katie mentioned sounds good. i want to try that one this year. Thanks!!

Valeni said...

This is me, Valeni, that wrote the above comment. How did Cecilee's name come up on my comment??