Monday, November 23, 2009

This is what they do all day

When the kids get home from school, they have their set routines.
Jack and Aidan head outside and keep themselves busy until I call them for dinner. They have so many plots and schemes and ideas. They love racing their trucks, playing football, climbing on the swingset, and throwing things down the driveway hill.
Abigail comes home, eats her snack, then eats Jack and Aidan's snack, then she pulls out the "project bucket", a big box of papers, glue, scissors, etc that she can use to make little art projects.
She doesn't stop until I need the table set for dinner.
The amazing thing to me is that this is just what they do. Abigail goes outside sometimes, but she wants to be entertained, and played with, and she usually just ends up sitting on the porch watching. Jack and Aidan hate doing art projects. Occasionally we can get them to sit and try, but they require so much direction and help and encouragement. I'm sure it is a combination of personality and gender, and I'm just glad they are happy for a few hours!

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ali said...

that's awesome! Sometimes I wish Gabe had a twin brother to play with. He hates to play alone, and Greta doesn't always cut it.