Monday, December 21, 2009

Grandma's Christmas Party

Every year my mom hosts a really fun Christmas party. There is always good food (clam chowder, anyone?), fun for the kids, and a crazy white elephant gift exchange.

She always tries to organize the kids into a nativity. This year they were a little hopped up on sugar and adrenaline, but it was still cute.
Jack was a sheperd. He was very interested in "Baby Jesus" AKA our newest little cousin.

Aidan, true to form, chose to sit out.
Abigail's dream came true, and she played Mary. She was so happy to be chosen for the role! I think in the church nativity she felt bad that she was a star, and not Mary, so this was a nice second chance for her.

And, as tradition dictates, there is a "special visitor". He was so funny answering all their questions. Did you know that he only takes the reindeer out on Christmas, and for the other appearances the elves rigged up a flying snowmobile? It goes really fast, so you have to look really, really carefully. Jack and Aidan spent a good deal of time outside trying to catch a glimpse.

I love Aidan's face in this one!

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Cecilee said...

Your boys are looking so grown up. Especially Aidan. He just looks like a big boy in that picture with Santa. So cute.