Friday, December 11, 2009

Hibernation and Gingerbread

I like to have to unrelated subjects in my title. For some reason, chaos makes me feel better, more at peace somehow. Like if I am making a quilt, and all the block are the same. I will make one of them out of a different pattern, just because it seems wrong to have them all match exactly. Or if I am spray painting platters for my wall, I will do some in off-white and some in white, because if I make them all the same, I won't rest until some are different. (So, to any of you who might have a quilt that I made... I did it that way on purpose). It drives Kydon crazy. Which is also a good thing. :) So, after all these years, I've accepted the fact... I thrive on chaos. Maybe that's why we had 3 kids in 15 months.

Anyway, back to the title.

I have been hibernating this week. Staying home, playing with the kids, baking, cooking, sewing, planning, and watching a lot of TV. I have no excuse for the lack of blogging... there has been plenty of bloggy material, and cute pictures, but I just haven't wanted to leave the walls of my home- even virtually. No blogs, no facebook, and just the bare minimum email.

It has been quite enjoyable. Aidan is on his second week of running a fever. Yep, 14 days of fever, with 2 days off in the middle. Good thing I took him out of school- he wouldn't be there anyway! I have been doing some holiday cooking, and making things like lasagna and chicken noodle soup for dinner.

The boys and I have been doing preschool. I force myself to focus on ONLY THEM for 3 hours a day- 9-12, and we do writing, letters, and games. It has been F.U.N. I totally enjoy it! And they just eat it up. Except for the writing, but that isn't a surprise. I do, however, miss grocery shopping alone. The other day I went to Sam's Club AND Walmart in the same day. Remind me to never do that again. Actually, I probably won't need the reminder!

We have been doing a "Christmas activity" every night- nothing formal, just a list of things, and each night we choose one- hot cocoa with candy canes, putting up decorations, reading Christmas stories, going to parties, having family night, playing games... the kids have absolutely loved it.

Last night we made gingerbread houses.
They have been waiting for this moment ALL YEAR. They love it. Look at the excitement!

Jack and Daddy posing with the "boy house"... Aidan worked on it too, but right before this picture we realized that Aidan was under the impression that we were going to eat them the second we were done decorating.

When we informed him that we were going to have the houses be a decoration for a while, he ran from the table screaming and crying. That's when we knew it was a successful evening- no family tradition is complete without someone crying.
Abigail and I worked hard on the "girl house". I worked hard decorating, she worked hard figuring out which candies tasted the best. (photo by Jack)
Jack took some pictures as well.

The finished products.

I love the smile on Abigail's face! She has SO much fun!


camille said...

Those are very cute gingerbread houses. So glad you are having fun getting ready for Christmas. Love and miss you all...

Cecilee said...

I am very impressed. They actually look beautiful. I haven't even dared go there with my girls. I am too chicken. Did you buy kits or make the dough yourself?