Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jack's wrath

Jack got really mad yesterday, and he had to put Abigail in her place.

"In the worst [first] place, STOP talking to me!"
"In the wecond [second] place, LEAVE me alone!"
"In the wird [third] place, I told you NOT eat on the wurniture!"

If only you could hear his tone, he was so upset! I had to grab a pen as quick as I could to write it down!


Cecilee said...

Don't you love the blog where you can write these things down and remember them? How funny/cute! I wish we could know your kids....

Have you printed your blog into a book yet?

Lisa L. said...

I do not want to get on that kid's bad side - first the birthday party, now this.

Rebecca said...

SO funny!