Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Me? Homeschool? Are you crazy?

Yes, it is official. I am pulling Jack and Aidan out of their preschool and I'm going to keep them home this year.

This decision was not made lightly. There was not one *big* thing that happened that made the decision, or even pushed it over the edge. It was just a million or so tiny things. Things that all by themselves mean nothing at all, but all added up together mean that they need something different.

I spent a week mourning the loss of my free time.

I spent a week analyzing every detail of every little thing to anyone and everyone who wanted to listen (and a few who didn't, but were too polite to shut me up).

I felt like a failure for making the wrong choice. For putting them in a place that was not where they should be. And then I got over it, and realized that I did the best I could, things changed that I couldn't have predicted, and I am correcting things that are wrong. And for pete's sake, it is just PRESCHOOL.

We decided not to put them in another state sponsored program (didn't like the hours, didn't want to drive farther, and our first experience wasn't really one we want to repeat), and we don't want to put them in a private program (they would be WAY behind all the other kids, and we don't feel like going into debt so they can learn their letters). So, what is left but to keep them home and teach them? There are some disadvantages to that option as well... it might make a more difficult transition to full day Kindergarten, and they will not be used to the school routine, and I'm working now, so how will that play out... but overall, it was what we feel is the best option.

Today was our first day at home. It went a little better than I expected. I think they had more learning in one day than they have had in 3 months at school.

And no one held them down and bullied them. And they ate non processed food. And... oh- wait- I was going to keep this upbeat and not bitter! Oops...

There was one major tantrum, but it didn't last all day, and it didn't really detract from the day, we just dealt with it, and then went on with the day. And even though they both are a little sick, it didn't stop us from having fun and learning a few letters.

I have actually had more fun than I expected coming up with my goals for the year, planning our daily schedule, and creating little lesson plans and projects for all of us to do. Now comes the hard part... sticking to it!


SAHMinIL said...

I'm just passing by..I found this post via google alerts, because one of my key words to look for is "homeschooling". I wish you the best. My kids are a little older then yours and were in public school when we decided to pull them out. We pulled them out June of 2008 at the end of their 1st and Kindergarten years. We are still homeschooling, so this is technically our 2nd year. Like you it wasn't one huge thing, it was just a bunch of little things.

Jen said...

Good luck! I'm sure your boys will love being at home. You are one brave woman to take on homeschooling, but you are right...it's just preschool. At least you know you won't have any problem teaching them letters! ;)

Villamor family said...

good for you Shanna! They won't be behind in K and will transistion just fine! When you say "state sponsored program" i am assuming that was the public PreK ?? I can see why you would pull them out and I have no idea what happened! That is a very long day with lots of opprotunities for _____.

Sure wish i was still teaching my little preschool so they could come to me(would be a far drive though;))....I would give you a good deal!! I think you will be amazed at how much they will learn in 1/4 the time at home that they did all day! let me know if you need any ideas on lessons. enjoy this time!

Rebecca said...

You are such a great Mom & you will do awesome & so will the boys!

Katie said...

You are going to do great. Your boys will be fine. You are doing what's best for them, and I think you are really going to love it in the end. I used to be a preschool teacher, so if you ever need any ideas let me know.

Kelly said...

You will do great. I am sure you will do an awesome job getting them ready for school. And believe me, I mourn the loss of my freetime alot. But you get over it and learn to deal with it. ISn't that what tv is for?