Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Basket Is Flooded

At one point this morning, in the midst of ripping open packages and examining the contents, then chucking it to the side in search of the next gift, I gave each of the kids a basket to put their gifts in. When we finished opening, and were re-examining all the plunder, Abigail made a profound statement:

"My basket is flooded"

After some inquisition, we realized she was having her own take on the popular phrase "my cup runneth over". And indeed, we were very blessed this year, and all of our baskets are flooded. :)

A few things we spent the day doing:

**Rockin' out to Kydon's new Weezer CD and Jack's new guitar

**Hanging out in "the best nightgown I ever had"... wearing new jammies all day.

**Trying out some new dress up clothes.

**Posing in the new capes for Mommy's benefit, then not glancing at them again.

**Opening gifts and trying on outfit after outfit to check them all out.

**Spending time with family.

**Gloating over getting the BIGGEST present, and not even being disappointed that it was clothes!
**Setting up train tracks

**Taking the kids bowling for the first time.

**Enjoying treats and goodies.
We had a great Christmas, and hope you all did as well!


Jennifer said...

Fantastic! I totally hear you with the cape thing. Oh how many toys I've bought that were rarely played with. Then when you go to get rid of them, you're breaking their heart! Looks like you all had a great time!

thetallgrl said...

LOVE the frog costume! That picture is awesome! Glad y'all had a great Christmas. Our baskets were flooded, too!