Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Polar Express

We got invited to join some family members on an adventure- a trip on the "REAL" Polar Express! We went up to North Carolina, and they have a passenger train there that offers Polar Express rides in the winter. You wear your jammies, ride the train, and try to recreate the magic of the movie.
We thought it was going to be snowed out- the night before we were to leave, there was a huge snowstorm, and we cancelled our trip. But, the morning came clear and (slightly) warmer. We reevaluated, and were able to go after all!
We got there a little early and passed some time in a museum of model trains. Jack and Aidan were totally fascinated, and they could have stayed all day, just watching the trains go round and round.
Have you ever been so excited that your feet literally left the floor?

Abigail was not as impressed. She checked it out, and pushed all the buttons, and after 10 minutes, she was done. I guess trains don't call to all people.

Then came the fun- the train ride! And we even saw a little snow! I loved it when we were waiting in line, and Abigail got really excited about something she spotted- "ICE! Look, Mom- ICE! It's ICE!!" I'm glad ice is a cool thing to experience and then we can drive back home to our 50 degree, non-icy home!

It was a huge train- they must be making money hand over fist! Our friend made the comment "I'm in the wrong business"!

We each got a ticket, punched by the train conductor. Aidan is in heaven- riding on a train with his hero, our 6 year old friend!

Abigail and thier 8 year old get along fabulously! It makes everything so nice when the kids are happy!
We got to wear PJ's, drink hot chocolate, the waiters danced in the aisles, we had a Santa treat, and even met the big guy himself. I'm pretty sure the kids were convinced it was the actual train from the movie, except that we didn't slide across the ice. They were confused by that, but I think they still believed it was the "real" train.
I love this picture of these two leaned out the door! This was on one of many bathroom trips! You know, the ride was about an hour- it makes sense we have to head to the bathroom at least 5 times!


Rebecca said...

Looks so fun!

uniquelynat said...

So fun! they have the same thing in northern arizona. i have yet to take my children...but one of these years....

Weatherspoon Family said...

Oh my gosh! So fun to get back in touch with all of you. I'll put your blog on my blog so I can keep tabs of you. I was just thinking of you guys a few weeks ago when I was talking to a friend who is patiently waiting to adopt. Your kids are so big. Can't believe how time flies.

Cecilee said...

How fun for you!

Jen said...

How fun! There's a train here that does the same thing. If Liam is still into trains when he gets old enough to appreciate it I think we'll take him.

Jennifer said...

I love those pics! I, of course, loved the one with Ed and Jon out the window! Please email it to me!